Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girls Day!

She is now old enough to sit in the front seat...how can this be??

Madelyn and I spent the day together yesterday...she had a JoAnn's gift card to use that she had received for her birthday. So we went there to have a look around! I found a couple *great* clearance sales on some yarn and she found lots of things to craft with (she has been big into jewelry making/beading lately). 

We also visited *these* wonderful girls (when we arrived, Eloise was helping her mama bake!)...

This bright-eyed-bushy-tailed little miss was there too! She was napping when we first arrived...so I was thrilled to get to go up and get her when she woke up. She looked confused as to the fact that I was the one getting her (I mean, where *did* I come from anyway?) and not her mama...but she soon got past it and was giving me her sweet toothless grin...

Big sister, little sister...

Madelyn and I were thrilled to spend hours with my sister and her girls. She even made us salads for lunch! We talked and played and laughed and snuggled the littles. El is seriously a master puzzle builder! I have *never* seen a two year old put together puzzles like this (by herself!)!!

On our way home for the day, Mad and I also stopped at Lowe's. I have been using my reel mower a lot...but it has been frustrating when the strong, stubborn weeds grow and the reel mower will not cut them. I was putting *a lot* of work into mowing...time, energy, sweat, tears (ok..maybe not *tears*!) and I felt defeated when the lawn still didn't look entirely tidy! Chris told me that we could use some money from savings to purchase a new gas-powered push mower. We got one of the least expensive ones there...but it works really well. I mowed most of the lawn last night after supper (which was meatloaf, mashed potatoes and sweet corn canned from the garden). X and Madelyn both took turns as well for a bit (everyone is always excited to try out the new *toy*)...and X finished up the last little bit today after schoolwork was done! :) I will still use my reel mower at times...but when those stubborn weeds are getting too tall, it'll be time to break out the gas-powered mower! 

It was a nice day...the weather was beautiful, the company was wonderful, the food delicious and the fellowship sweet. A 45 minute car ride gives a mother and daughter a good amount of undistracted time to talk...or sing along to the radio! ;) 

Well, the afternoon is here...schooling is finished up, lunch is over and now we need to go pick some green beans! :) Have a great one friends!



  1. What a wonderful day with the "girls". I love those sweet little girls and it looks like she is pretty darned good with those puzzles. She may "see" the interaction of pieces rather than the picture...that's what my youngest son did (does). What a fun day! xo Diana

  2. Hello Katy,
    I was laughing, now does she mean real or reel! I know what you were saying :) That neice of your's putting that puzzle together is wild. Your little girl is getting so big!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Sounds like you girls were having a great time together. My neighbor daughter has a reel mower and she has the same problem with it, not wanting to cut the tough stuff . Your sweet niece is a smart little whip getting those puzzles put together :) Blessings

  4. Sounds like a great day! I am delighted to spend the day with my girlie. :)

  5. what a sweet day you all had..

  6. What a wonderful day you girls had!

  7. You are so blessed to have your sister live driving distance!!!! I occasionally read her blog and she has a beautiful little family


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