Saturday, August 17, 2013

*Days in this Little Life of Mine *

 I am a bit under-the-weather at the moment. More about that later...but for now, I thought I would share some photos of what kinds of things we have been up to lately! There is always something keeping us busy!

We recently had a family movie night where we watched "The Hobbit" (which we have seen a bazillion times already but all love just as much as when we watched it the first time!). Jaxson is a *huge* Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan and of course, had to get out all of his keepsakes...

 Yes, there are Lord of the Rings Pez people, maps, posters, a Middle Earth blanket and Pillow, the *one* ring and of course, Gollum...

We are really looking forward to the next installment coming out in December! :) There is also an extended version of the first movie that we hope to watch! Madelyn is reading The Hobbit right now and is now understanding why I often say: "That's not in the book"! ;)

We attended the annual church picnic at our Pastor's house. We had such a great time of fellowship with people we love! Lots of food, fellowship, encouragement, laughter, fun and for the guys, football! (That's my Chris in the maroon shirt...)

I love to watch him play...

Once the darkness fell, there were fireworks! The children all sat and watched and enjoyed it all!

At home...I have picked, shucked (with help from my children), blanched, cut and bagged lots of sweet corn from our garden...

Some carrots from our raised beds!

*Then* one day this past sister, Eloise and Dinah all came over for a visit (and my mom joined us too!). It was such a nice time. We don't usually all come together at our house. Eloise wanted to learn to knit, so Madelyn tried to teach her ;)...

She tried on her own...she didn't get far (actually, she just tangled the yarn on the needles) but we'll make a knitter out of her one day! ;)  I love, love, love those sweet curly-q curls on the back of her head!

We all spent time outside swinging, visiting the goats and digging in the garden...

Then we walked over to the basketball court and the boys rode bikes with El...

And then...this guy got braces!!! All he needs are four along his top front teeth...I think he looks so handsome! His teeth are a little sore...but not too bad! :)

Now, after all that family goodness...I will explain how I am sick. Miss Eloise, my sweet, darling niece somehow got RSV (don't worry, she's having breathing treatments and doing just fine!)...and somehow, she shared them with me (although I would rather her share things like ice cream or flowers with me rather than an illness!). It started with a sore throat the other day...I thought it was just from the weather at first. But as time wore on, I got worse ~ like having a cold in the middle of the summer. After finding out El has RSV, I looked up the symptoms for adult RSV and it completely matched up with my ailments. So, I have been staying home and taking it easy for the past couple of days. I have been teaching myself how to do some different crocheting techniques and am working on patches to make a bag (a pattern shared with my by my friend Kelly in MN!)

So, I am learning you have to take the bad with the good and thank God for it all. Although I don't enjoy being has given me the chance to take some time to just relax. I am hoping by Monday that I have energy enough to get back-to-busy. I missed spin today (although I did go yesterday morning) and I would like to be back to spinning Monday as well. I hate to miss. We'll also get back to our schoolwork as well. I love routine...but I must admit, these past couple days have been what I needed to just breathe

Thanks for stopping by! I always love hearing from you! 


  1. It looks like you had a busy fun filled week. I hope you and your niece feel better soon. I have learned so much following your blog now for about a year. I have been reading, studying my Bible. I've been reading books you have suggested on your blog. And I have loved everyone of them. You have taught me how to be a better Christian, Wife, & Mother. Thank you for that. I have lost some friends along my journey to Christ, I've been verbally attacked, and talked about. But I wouldn't change a thing about this journey. Because I have gained so much more than I have lost through all of this. I just want you to now who much your blog means to me, and I'm sure to a lot of other Christians as well. Have a Blessed Week.
    Following Jesus Always,

  2. Father God, I pray for Katy and Eloise in the Name of JESUS. I ask you to bring forth your healing power in their bodies. By your stripes they are healed. I ask you to help Katy to rest and recover to complete health. Thank you God. Speak to her by your Word and your Holy Spirit, please. Amen.

    Get well soon Katy girl!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Hope you are feeling better today and getting back to your routine!

  4. I agree with lisa your blog is of great comfort, i do hope you feel better soon, i will keep you in my prayers, i will ask for healing prayers. best wishes x

  5. Hello Katy,
    Just wantd to say hope you get better real quick!! I have been very tired these last few days myself. I still have chores I wanted to get done this morning, but it is now afternoon. I have been thinking of only get on the computer or my blog only a few times a week for awhile. I have felt I need to get on with my real life.
    I have been asking the Lord is my blogging lifting Him up?
    I have really enjoyed the creative part of writing my post.
    But without connection to others it seems impersonnel!
    Maybe if you feel better or find time you could tell me if you have ever experienced this.
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. Like many of you ladies, I have been following Katy's blog for a few years now and I KNOW that I was led here (thank the Lord)! It's been a blessing and an encouragement to visit here and it's even been fascinating to witness Katy's spiritual journey and maturity.

    While I don't always comment, I consider you a friend and sister in Christ. I know we'll meet in heaven. (: I am blessed by your blog and also visit the ones that you do as well on your side bar. I hope that you will encourage Roxy to stay with writing her blog if that is what she is led to do. I remember a time when you posted about being "at a Crossroad" back in 2010.... I'm so thankful that you are still here and STILL encouraging so many of us. (: (: ((hug))

    Much love to you sweet lady!


  7. This is Wednesday and I sure hope you are much better. I fell 5 weeks ago this past Sunday and landed on my knee. I had to go back to the doctor yesterday. I have a wide red band around my leg above the ankle. Last week they sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound to make sure there were no blood clots. The doctor said yesterday that a bacteria got in through some scratch on my body and found a buffet where my leg was so swollen with fluid. I am on Sulfa drug for two weeks and hope that will clear it up. In the meantime, I have to spend some time in bed on and off to stop the swelling. I pray this takes care of it because the doctor would not tell me what the next step would be, he said we would cross that bridge when we get to it.

    Love you and your family


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