Monday, July 15, 2013


A daughter may outgrow your lap, 
but she will never outgrow your heart. 
 ~Author Unknown

She's twelve. It all happened so fast. I am aghast at how quickly these past dozen years have gone by! She is growing into such a lovely young lady and I have had the wonderful privilege of watching it happen! I can't imagine my life without her in it!

Here she is wearing the skirt that she and her great-grammie sewed together (she saved it especially for her birthday party!) I love how feminine and sweet she looks...

Starting to set up ~

Madelyn made her own cupcakes and cake...

People began arriving at the pavilion. Here is my dad sitting with Chris's grandpa on the swing...


Chris grilled the chicken (with my mom's oh-so-delicious BBQ sauce!). We also had corn, green bean casserole, deviled eggs and fruit (my sister-in-loves brought pepperoni dip and crackers and chocolate covered strawberries too!)...

More friends and family arrived...

Our friends and family blessed Madelyn with some wonderful birthday presents...

This trouble-maker was there too (you'll read why I say that in a second...but you *must* know that before Madelyn got there, he was coming up with all kinds of fun ways to make things *special* for her. He even helped Chris's mom hang up the streamers and decorate for the party!)...

I *had* candles...but somewhere between our house and the pavilion, I lost I held Madelyn's cake in front of her and we all sang anyway for fun. Out of nowhere, Xavier zoomed over and pushed the cake right up into Madelyn's face! I think her first reaction was shock and then I think anger was creeping up on her when all of a sudden I yelled, "WAIT! Hold it there! Let me grab my camera!". I think that made her laugh a bit...and then she was a good sport!

After spending the morning working on my van...Chris was happy for some relaxation (after he grilled the chicken, of course!)...

Jaxson isn't much of a meat-eater...but he sure loves grammie's BBQ chicken!

Chris, his brother and our brother-in-love...


 Madelyn really enjoyed her evening...and I think her friends and family did as well. :) This mama was absolutely exhausted when I got home! After cleaning up at the pavilion, I brought things home to put away, put leftovers in the fridge, washed dishes and the like. I happily collapsed into bed that night!

Yesterday, after an enjoyable time of growth, worship and fellowship at church, we came home to have lunch and then I slept most of the afternoon away. My body *needed* it! The children swam with their aunt, uncle and cousins and then relaxed some of the afternoon before heading down to the pavilion for the normal Sunday picnic! :)

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. 
 ~Author Unknown

We praise God for the gift He gave us in the form of a beautiful daughter born 12 years ago. She was my first and only girl and my life is better because she is in it! I look forward to watching her continue to blossom in the Lord over the next 12 years!

Thank you for sharing in our joy with us!

In lovingkindness,


  1. My oldest turned twelve this year as well. Still young and innocent but showing signs of maturity lets keep them 12 as long as we can! Happy Birthday Madelyn!

  2. Happy 12th birthday to Madelyn! She is growing into a lovely young lady- so precious. My one and only girl is 33 now, so enjoy the years with your family- they go by fast.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  3. My how time flies! I started reading your blog when Madelyn was in kindergarten. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow. Happy Birthday, Madelyn!

  4. What a great birthday party! Happy Birthday Madelyn! What a special young woman!

  5. Wishing Madelyn a happy birthday, Katy, my youngest baby girl is now eighteen, the time goes so quick! Lovely photo's, how hot is it where you live? England seems to be having a mini heatwave! best wishes x

  6. Happy Birthday to Madelyn! She's a lovely young woman.

    Brothers are stinkers aren't they?


  7. She is such a sweetheart though I hope your son got some extra chores for being a little stinker ;)

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl...they do grow up fast....I am a grandmother and it seems like yesterday my own babes were wee. Looks like the party was a good time for all! Blessings

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. 12 already? They grow up way too fast! Brothers are such pains in the butt!!!! lol Someday they will grow up to be best friends I bet- xo Diana

  10. Dear Katy, Tell your precious Lady Bug a Happy Birthday from Roxy! You're a delight and I have just gotten caught up on the last couple of posts. I am so happy we got some rain last night. We are truly praying for so much more rain needed in this drought. Tell Madelyn she did a great job on her skirt!
    Blessings Always,Roxy

  11. Happy Birthday! God bless her, as she continues to grow to adulthood. May all her dreams some true!

  12. what a lovely birthday she many that loved her there...


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