Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guess who is going to be canning this week?

Chris and I went down to the garden this evening and did a lot of weeding and saw that our green beans are coming along nicely! Many will be ready for the picking, snapping, washing, canning process this week! It will be a busy time! 

Chris also made a ramp for our meat chickens to be able to go outside! They weren't too sure what to think of it!

Chris had to *coax* them down...

Look at those huge feet! I just can't get over how large they are!

They are so funny to watch...such little piggies!

Chris made these water holders for them (and is going to make some for my layers). I wish we would have realized these existed a long time ago! They would have been great for our layers through the years!

The chickens drink the water right from them! Such a clever invention! I'm so thankful someone thought this up! If you have chickens and are looking to do something similar, you can find these HERE.

So, this is what's been happening in *my* world lately! What have *you* been up to? :)



  1. What a busy girl you are, Katy. I grew up with chickens and my mother raised turkeys, too. I loved the chickens but thought the turkeys were the stupidest animal/bird ever put on the planet. lol

    Your garden looks wonderful- good luck canning- xo Diana

  2. Hmmm... green beans! My garden is doing really well. My mom and I have been canning together and so far have put up 48 quarts and 120 pints of green beans. This week I will be working on pickles. Such a blessing after last years drought!


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