Friday, July 26, 2013

Canning season has begun!

The children and I have been going out to the big garden and picking our green beans. So far, I've gotten 14 qts canned and we still have more to pick as they get ready to harvest progressively.

Madelyn and Xavier each have mp3 players. Madelyn bought her own and X was gifted his from his grandparents. (Mama gets to pick all the music on them!) They are only permitted to listen to them while doing work or they were excited to get the chance to use them while picking beans...

Madelyn helped me snap them all!

Green beans...washed, put in jars with salt and water and ready to go...

My first seven quarts for the year...finished!

I also, since these photos were taken, have done another 7 qts. The children and I will go down to the garden again today to see if anymore of the beans are ready to pick. It is to be a beautiful day so I will get some clothes out on the lines and tidy the house. We *may* begin our homeschool year today too...I'm not sure yet. Maybe we'll wait....we'll see what the day holds! :) 
I'd love to hear what you have been canning lately! 
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Clever idea momma with the mp3's for chores and work. I have to admit a little jealousy from this city dweller on your garden and cans,but I know yall have worked hard for it.

  2. I so enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures. For years I had a huge garden and would can beans, tomatoes and do pickles with the help of my girls. Now we've moved and I just have a small garden with a few tomato plants but i really miss those days of canning!

  3. Our garden is having a bit of a hard time here in Ohio, but I have done up some freezer pickles, sun pickles, and we have been getting an abundance of zucchinni squash that i have froze, baked with and grilled... the tomatoes are starting to come on so I will have plenty yippee to can and I have been freezing cabbage and brussel sprouts... I gave up on canning green beans, I freeze them now... the only thing I can now is tomatoes, hot peppers in a sauce, jellie and jams, peaches, I think that is it... I freeze most of my stuff, applesauce (which is awesome) and will be having a plentiful amount of apples this year thank goodness, last year there were none.. I freeze cabbage, greenbeans, squash, corn, and peas..... Love seeing your gardening and your canning as well as the help from your wonderful children... enjoy these sunny warm days.

  4. Dear Katy its been so hot here in the east of england, as i get older i just can not tolerate the heat.
    Today i have done something completely out of routine, i only done the basic of housework, washed breakfast dishes,made beds,put two lines of laundry on the line and spent the rest of the day reading my bible, i read John the Baptist, i just got lost in the pages!!!!!!!!!!! I want to read the proverbs again.
    Love your photo's, have a lovely weekend x

  5. Hi Katy,
    Congratulations on the beginning of canning season. It is so wonderful that your children are involved in the process. What a wonderful skill to teach them!

    Since we live up on the northern plains of eastern Montana, we still have a few weeks before full canning season begins. I did freeze 17 1/2 pounds of spinach last week and I'm planning to put up Swiss chard this afternoon. Our beans are beginning to come in and we have tiny zucchinis, little heads of cabbage and the beet tops are almost knee high. Our corn is above the waist and the some of the onions and potatoes are beginning to bloom.


  6. Katy- Have fun with your canning. It is a hot job in the summer but so satisfying. Great shots of the kids, too- xo Diana

  7. It's so good to work together, isn't it?

    I'd planned on beginning school on August 12th.
    My husband just told me he's taking 2 weeks vacation then!

    I must plan again.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  8. LOVE fresh veggies! We have been picking green beans and FINALLY have some tomatoes ready too!


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