Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This little girl got dedicated yesterday (although it really is more of a dedication of the parents, family and church family, isn't it? A promise that we will all do what we can to raise Dinah in the admonition of the Lord!)...

Isn't she so incredibly sweet? I have to say, though, that she is even *more* adorable in person. Pictures don't do her justice! Those big eyes, button nose and sweet ears that stick out just a *bit* on top...she's just so squeezable (just like her big sister)! :)

My beautiful sister, brother-in-love, and Dinah (above) and don't worry...the Squeezle (Eloise) was there too! Look at how silly she is...

(Don't worry...she was not misbehaving in church...this was before the service began!)

We also attended Chris's cousins wedding. They had a lovely, casual reception up at the family pavilion! It was nice! We were worried that storms may roll in, but they never did! It was an enjoyable time with folks we love...

Jaxson, swinging (he was in mid-swing in this photo..but it sure does make him look like he is just sitting still there, doesn't it?)...

Since a lot of *play* was happening...many children (and even some of the adults!) changed into *play* clothes! X was one of those kiddos (and despite the shirt...we are *not* from Clarion...and Xavier does *not* wrestle!)...

Look (below) what was in the garage yesterday when I was out and about! Isn't it beautiful? It wanted outside in the worst way but couldn't seem to find how to actually get *out* I shoo'd it the best I could and finally, it found it's way out the big garage door! It was so sweet watching it fly away! I felt like I could hear it singing *freedom* as it sailed into the air!

It has been a busy weekend...I was thankful for a Monday without anywhere to go. I stayed busy  though...mowing, dishes, hanging out laundry, sweeping floors, tidying rooms etc...but I like being able to move at my pace (as slow or fast as that may be) and not *having* to go anywhere. I have a pork roast cooking away in the oven for supper and plan on making potatoes and a veggie to go along with it. The house smells delicious! 

The children got picked up a few minutes ago by my father-in-love. They are going to help him do some cleaning and tidying in areas that he needs it. They were *happy* to go and excited when he came to get them....I wish they would have had that same enthusiasm when I asked them to pick up their rooms earlier this morning! ;) 

Well, time doesn't stop for a gal to I must go. Potatoes need peeling! Wishing you each a beautiful week ahead! 


  1. lovely post Katy, Dinah,may she grow up to be a dedicated servant to our heavenly Father, full of the love of Jesus in her heart. blessings on you all!

  2. Wow five months already!!!! How time flies!

  3. Beautiful pictures Katy! That's a sweet little bib Dinah has on. You're very blessed with such a lovely family.


  4. Special times for sure and for certain....blessings

  5. Dinah is adorable! Love the name too!

  6. Beautiful family times! Dinah is precious. We have a wedding last Saturday as well!

    Have a great weekend, Katy!



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