Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Chicks have Arrived!

 Our 66 peeps arrived via US postal service today! I got the call and the boys and I ran into the post office where as soon as we stepped through the door, we heard *peep! peep!* coming from a box behind the counter!

Here is how they arrived (half of them...there is another side of this box with the other half)...

We transferred them all to three large boxes. Two boxes for the chicks that will be our meat chickens...

And one box for my laying hens...

They are so incredibly cute...soft, furry and sweet! It's so hard to believe that one day we will eat them! I know that is why God put animals on the earth but they are just soooo cute! :)

Madelyn's been away for about a week...visiting with some of my mom's side of the family in eastern PA (she'll be home on Wednesday! Woohoo! Can't wait to see her!) so only the boys have gotten to enjoy the little peeps (I'm sure though, once Madelyn is home, that she will love on them too!)...

It's been a busy morning and the rest of the day is going to keep me on my toes as well! So off I go! Thanks for stopping by!

Katy :)


  1. Katy, where do you all order your chicks from? We have a local hatchery that we often buy our baby chicks from but they are so often out of certain kinds. I had never thought of ordering them through the mail. Do they have a website? They are so cute!!

    1. We get them from the Murray McMurray hatchery! :)

  2. Give'm a few weeks and you will clearly have no problem getting rid of them! Is this your first time? :)

    1. Oh I know :). No, we have done this numerous times! :o)

  3. Adorable peeps! :) Cute pictures of the boys loving on them. Enjoy!

  4. They are so cute! Looks like the kids are really enjoying them!

  5. Hi Katy,

    We used to purchase our chicks via mail order. But this year our EJ wanted to try hatching some. Mr.B found an incubator on sale and just last week 15 little chicks hatched. He loved watching them peck their way out of the shells. I am also impressed with how much more attentive he has been with these. I don't know if it's just another year of maturing or if hatching them himself has contributed. We plan to hatch another batch next month.

  6. They are just too cute! Our daughter in OK got some chicks and now they have more eggs than they can eat. She has been giving them away.

  7. Hello, Katy! the chickies are darling. I'm new at your blog and went through a few more of your posts. I was happy to see some books on your shelves on the sovereign and free grace of God, aka "reformed theology". I'm always on the lookout for others of like-mind so, will be back to visit, Lord willing. - jean

  8. they are so cute Katy...
    have a blessed weekend..


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