Friday, June 14, 2013

My Raised Beds

I am so, so thankful this year...our veggies in the bigger garden are growing *wonderfully* (and Chris saw last evening that our potatoes are growing too!) and the veggies I have planted in my raised beds are doing very well too!! The photo above shows my peas (which I don't eat...honestly, I think they taste like dirty socks! But Chris loves them!). Below are some rows of onions I have growing (again, something I don't eat...but Chris loves! I love to plant *anything*!)...

I shred old newspapers and the like to put around my plants and between rows to help keep the weeds down!

The hens enjoy free-ranging in the evenings...and like good girls should, they tuck themselves into their coop at bedtime and we shut the door! :)

I am excited....I have 16 more peeps coming soon to raise as layers! That will give us a total of 28 chickens. Eggs galore! :) Our 50 meat chickens should be coming soon as well. We will raise them up and then save some for ourselves to eat and then sell a lot of it. There is nothing better than hormone free, happy, healthy chicken to eat. 

After days of rain, I am so happy to report that the sun is shining gloriously today! I have clothes out on the line and have spent time out mowing (which was quite difficult with the reel mower because the grass was really long after all the rain!). I still have more to mow, but have to do it in is exhausting! 

I know, you are probably really shocked...two posts in a row! I'm on a roll this week! ;) 
Hope you each enjoy your weekend. 
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I hadn't thought of using shredded newspaper in the garden. Food for thought for sure! This afternoon the garden was weeded and the tomatoes staked. Looking forward to fresh produce!

  2. How fun to have free ranging chickens!!


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