Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jaxson and I were able to...

...visit these fabulous little gals for the day!

Eloise was quite concerned that Jaxson was climbing a tree! ;)

Dinah just *loves* my camera...I am convinced she will one day be a photographer! ;)

And here is a stack of books that I bought at the book sale I mentioned HERE. I got all of these for a grand total of $6.50! :)

 You can't see the title of the spiral-bound cookbook above so I took a photo of its cover here for you to see! Doesn't it look great? :)

It's after 8pm here and I am so tired (I know...that seems silly...but for any new readers, please know I am usually up by 4:30 each morning...just naturally!). After spinning this morning, spending the day at my sister's house, watering plants and mowing...I am plum tuckered out! 

Have a great Friday friends!

**Hey Mitzi, since I don't have your email, I have to ask this did your 5K go with your daughter? :)

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