Friday, June 7, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies."
~Gertrude Jekyll

Down at the big garden that we share with my in-loves, our green beans and corn are growing beautifully!! (We also have potatoes planted there. At home, in the raised beds I have carrots, onions, broccoli, lettuce and peas planted!)

We have many, many green bean plants growing! I will be busy canning soon! :)

What I am really excited for is the sweet corn though! I *love* corn on the cob! I am so excited to see our corn seeds growing into plants!

The plastic we have down is wonderful. It is so nice to help with the weeds! Such a blessing, truly! Why we didn't do this before, I am not sure! :)

Up above, in the garden, my in-loves have lots of their own veggies planted!

Here are the *beautiful* calves my in-loves are raising for meat. I took these photos but I won't go over and love on/talk to them because I will definitely grow attached. That will make it very hard when it is time to make them into food (gosh, there is no nice way of putting there?). But I had to share a couple pics because they really are *super* cute!

Jaxson riding a bike behind the meat market (while I was checking on the garden)...

Below is a picture of Cash...our pup. During the day he goes outside on a line by the garden. He loves to be out there (Chris takes him down on his way to work) and gets so excited when it's time to get into Chris's Jeep. Every evening he comes home, happy and tired from enjoying time outside! He is a super-loving dog and we love him!

Xavier loves to he is mowing the lawn at the meat market...

After some really nice days, we are now having some rainy/cloudy days. I am so thankful that our plants are getting a nice, long drink of fresh water! 

I have been keeping busy and am looking into getting an iron supplement. I am so exhausted...all the time (even when I get 8 hrs of sleep during the night). It's difficult not to have energy. I'm still going to spin in the mornings and I have been getting lots of things done...but if possible, I try to slip a nap into my day (even if only a short one!).

I have been planning our first week of schooling. Even though we just finished this past school year, I wanted to get things ready and waiting for when we are ready to begin this next school year! :) My portfolios are being evaluated right now and they will soon head into the school district to close up this year's activities/learning. It's always such a great feeling to get another year behind us *although I am definitely not wanting my children to grow up any faster than they already are!*. 

I don't remember if I have shared before what we will be using for our schooling this upcoming year or not. So, if I am repeating myself, I do apologize...but I know some may be interested! My children will be entering 6th, 4th and 2nd grade. We have used Christian Light Education for most of our curriculum in previous years (and really liked it). However, this year, we are switching things up a bit. We will be using Easy Peasy Homeschool for most things (as it is free and well as made by a Christian homeschooling mother). For math and language arts, each child will continue with the Christian Light curriculum, as those subjects continually build on one another and I wanted to continue with those. Reading, foreign language, Bible, history, music, art and science will all be through Easy Peasy! Although I am enjoying this little break from our official *school* year, I am excited to start again....I really think this online curriculum will be enjoyed by the children rather than just doing all our normal workbook work! 

Well, off I go...this house won't tidy itself! 
Thank you for coming by! 

I hope your gardens are growing well!


  1. yes poor little calf! kisses from France

  2. What a nice big garden!!! That will be such a blessing at harvest time!! ;). Will you post updates on how the Easy Peasy Home School curriculum works for you?? It looks very interesting! I am happy with what my older two are using (we use what I did with my oldest who is now graduated) youngest learns completely differently!! The curriculum you mentioned looks like something he may love! (He will be starting 2nd grade in the fall). Enjoy these summer days!! ;)

  3. What a lovely, large garden!

    I was thinking, are you taking a b-vitamin supplement? When I added one of those, my energy went up quite a bit, until recently with all the allergens floating around, I may have to take two.

  4. Hi Katy,

    Our green bean are also beginning to come up as well as our corn, onions & potatoes. I also saw teeny weeny sprigs of beets yesterday - HooRay!

    I also wanted to tell you that I LOVE how you refer to your in-laws as In-Loves - what a beautiful and sweet reference.


  5. Hey Katy,
    Huge garden WOW!!
    Take iron 3 times a day along with orange juice, for a couple of weeks. You can get a good one from the pharmacy department it is behind the counter but you do not need a prescription. You can even get it in a liquid. Ask them for its Ferrous Sulfate form. Also take a B12 it is a very cheap vitamin. In just a few days you will be going all day again. Trust me!! It will be a miracle...
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. That is one HUGE garden! I might have to try the plastic idea, my garden is a weedy mess most of the time!


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