Friday, June 28, 2013

Garden Growth and Chick Update....

We have had a bit of a break from the immense rain we have been getting lately (many areas around us have experienced terribly flooding!) So the children and I went down this morning to weed in the *big* garden. The plastic is amazing is really helping with the weeds! I weeded around every green bean plant (over 100 of them!) and the corn as well. The children worked at hoeing between the rows.

The corn is growing well...

In the raised beds, my peas have taken off and are growing like (gasp!) weeds!!! :)


And I also have carrots growing! I didn't think I had any at first, as they took a little longer, but they *are* there! I am so nervous to weed around them though as they are so easy to be pulled out by accident. Here you can see their leafy tops...

The peeps are a-growin' too! The meat chickens only take two months to mature, so even after less than a week, they are a lot bigger than my 16 layers. 

They are such dirty little things, there is no denying it. Pretty soon they will be *ugly* (as they get their feathers) but right now...look how cute they are when the huddle together to sleep...

The children and I periodically go out and check on them to refill their food and water...

 Water break!

And here are my layers....they are still retaining their cuteness (for now). But they are dirty little buggers too! ;)

 Ruthie can't get enough of watching them. She just sits and stares...

 Till I finally say a little: "Hey Ruth!" and she has a seat and promptly gives me her sweet, loving grin (See that mess on the floor? We have had an issue with squirrels trying to get into the chicken scratch and feed ~ oh dear)...

So things are going well around here (except our flooded basement, which isn't too terrible as it is unfinished and old...but still praying for those close to home who have experienced terrible flooding!)...we are keeping busy, as usual. The children's portfolios have been deemed *complete* by the school district so I need to go pick them up and turn in our affidavits and objectives for this next homeschooling year. :) 

I hope things are going well for you. :) Thanks for visiting! 


  1. Gorgeous gardens. I am glad the children are helping. My husband kind of insisted that our granddaughter come and help with ours. He said - "How will she learn about a garden if she never helps with one?" Her parents agreed and she is loving it. Wait until we start picking. Looks like you will have plenty to eat from yours.

    Happiness to you,

  2. They already look like their fuzz is turning into feathers

  3. Your garden looks awesome!! I have 5 bean plants that were able to withstand the attack of the bunnies. I actually planted twice to replace the ones i had lost and those too were eaten. Sigh.;)


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