Friday, June 21, 2013


 ...the loveliness of a woman who passionately adores her husband, who tenderly cherishes her children, who creates a warm and peaceful home, who exemplifies purity, self-control, and kindness in her character and who gladly submits to her husband's leadership - for all the days God grants her life. I dare say there are few things that display the gospel jewel with greater elegance. This is true feminine appeal. 
~Carolyn Mahaney, Feminine Appeal

Isn't that quote so wonderfully put? It is my heart's desire to fulfill my calling as a wife and mother. I know I can never reach perfection this side of Heaven...but I pray that as I continue through my life, striving to live as Christ and gleaning wisdom through reading about other Godly women and mothers through the centuries, that I will be granted more and more holiness and sanctification from God.

He is so good.

The more I scratch the surface of understanding just how *good* He is (which I will never fully comprehend...nor will any of us) the more I realize just how *not* good I am! My heart becomes more and more thankful, with each passing day, of the beauty (and necessity) of Christ's sacrifice for me...He was the perfect Good that took my sin upon Himself so that I could be made righteous in front of a Holy God. I have a relationship with *the* Creator of the universe which I never could have had without Jesus Christ's atonement for my sins!

Do you understand how *huge* this is? This is a BIG deal! THE Creator....Who designs every chain of DNA of every body that is being conceived...Who made the stars, the heavens, the planets, land, seas, oxygen...and every piece of matter that has ever existed...He knows me (small, unimportant me) and loves's unfathomable! I can't even properly express how thankful I am.

 Do you know the good news of Jesus Christ? I pray that if you don't know Him, that you will let me share His gospel with you. If you are not His, you are separated from God...let me share with you the Truth! :)

A glimpse outside...

Veggies (especially the peas) are growing wonderfully in our raised beds (the big garden has vegetables growing in abundance as well! I praise God for His provisions! I will be canning later this summer!)...

The girls invaded the outdoor goat pen...

My hosta have gotten a little out-of-hand (my faithful sidekicks, Jack-the-cat and Ruthie are always by my side!)...

I plan on re-doing my rock wall and then putting the manure/dirt pile (that Pearl is standing on in the picture below) there against it and planting flowers...

Mowing, mowing, mowing...If it is a nice day, I am usually out mowing a section of the lawn at some point or another! It is *way* too exhausting to do *all* the lawn on our whole property with the reel mower at one I do sections! :)

A little warrior and his sword...

The children and I went swimming today...I lathered them up in sunscreen...but did not apply any to myself. I am paying for it now as I have gotten a bit of a sunburn on my back and shoulders. I have put some essential oils on it and hope it will change into a tan soon! It was the first time I went swimming in years (as previously I was just uncomfortable being overweight). I found a wonderful modest swimsuit and enjoyed spending time in the pool! :)

It's been a long busy day...It's 9pm here and I am ready to crawl into bed! I have spin class bright and early in the morning, followed by housework, putting together our church worship guide, and then a baby shower! So tomorrow carries busyness of its I need to get to sleep! 

If you are doing housework (dishes, folding clothes, dusting etc.) you may enjoy listening to one of THESE videos while you do (I just added a new one today!). You will glean so much wisdom, I promise! 


It's all about Jesus Christ being first....
and second and third and fourth and fifth. 
 What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first.
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank, He is everything. 
~Paul Washer


  1. Hello Katy, Ok this is the plan I am gonna load up our riding lawn mower and bring it for you to use, as we have no need of it in this drought. Then I can come visit and live in your cozy green and happy home. As we are hot and very smoky. We now have 7 fires burning in our state. We are in constant prayer. May your heart be filled as you are a lovely Godly woman.
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Katy your posts always bring peace as I read them. Do you ever get so tired of all the housework? I do but then I think about its good purpose. It also helps that I realized that simple people who take joy in the simple repititions of life are the happiest people! How do you cope with the feeling of "mundane-ness"?
    Your flowers look beautiful!
    Good for you for swimming finally! So glad you feel comfortable in your body now to be able to swim this summer! Which bathing suit did you end up choosing?

  3. Katy, you wear that new bathing suit with pride. You worked very hard to get to where you are. good for you.

    Your flowers this year are very eye catching and pretty. Don't you just love a hanging pot full of flowers?


  4. Katy, your flowers are beautiful. I wish we had your goat to get rid of some of our weeds.
    Love you!

  5. that first quote is so good. it really encouraged me today!

  6. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I don't think you know how much of an inspiration you truly are! Awhile back my Husband and I decided we weren't living the life we knew we were meant to live. We found a new Church, started Bible Study Classes and finally we felt this is where God wanted us to be. Some Family and Friends have stopped taking to us, saying we think now we are better than them. That is not True, we love and have respect for each one of them. One day awhile back I was on the computer and found your Blog. I thought I found it by accident, but I'm sure now it was no accident, God had lead me here!! This blog is the reason all of the above has happened, and I just wanted to say Thank You, and you are a True Blessing from God :)

  7. Your gardens and flowers look beautiful, Katy!

  8. Katy not sure why but I cant seem to post anything on most of your posts I have to go back to old ones? Kind of strange. I want to say I look forward everyday to see if you have shared any pictures or stories from your days. I enjoy your blog and it is refreshing to see and read!


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