Thursday, June 13, 2013

”But my God lives...

...and He has my heart.” 
~Sarah Edwards

I have been reading about Sarah Edwards (the wife of Jonathan Edwards) lately. Oh....her behavior is what I aspire to be, truly! Here is what George Whitefield said of her: 

Felt great satisfaction in being at the house of Mr. Edwards. A sweeter couple I have not yet seen. Their children were not dressed in silks and satins, but plain, as become the children of those who, in all things, ought to be examples of Christian simplicity. Mrs. Edwards is adorned with a meek and quiet spirit; she talked solidly of the things of God, and seemed to be such a helpmeet of her husband, that she caused me to renew those prayers, which, for some months, I have put to God, that He would be pleased to send me a daughter of Abraham to be my wife.” 

Her husband Jonathan adored her but loved God even more. It makes my heart grow ten sizes too big to think of it! She, as well, loved her husband and was submissive to him. She loved her Lord with a passion and it showed! You can read some about them HERE. I highly recommend reading more into this Godly family's life as well. It really does a heart good! I am hoping to order THIS book one day soon as well! :)

~ In other news...

This week, we got to spend a day with these cutie-patooties...

Dinah's little giggle is *the* cutest thing!...

Eloise was a little nervous to try out the stool X built her...

But, after a bit, she was brave and stepped up!

Grammie and Jaxson ~ hard at work...

Xavier (love those pink cheeks of his) and Dinah (look at those eyes!)...

The Dinah-Monster (isn't she cute!?)...

Madelyn and Dinah...

El and her mama, coloring...

At home...we have continued working on reading, writing and math from time to time...keeping the gears in our brains turnin' through the summer!

For supper one night, I made Garlic Dill Cheesy Chicken Casserole (I didn't eat it but my family did. I *did* try a bite though and it was good!)...

Housework has continued as well. I must admit, the worst thing about getting out the vacuum is having to wind up the cord when you are finished. I wish it had a button (like my iron does) that you push and it zips the cord back in! **I know it is absolutely ridiculous to whine about such a great invention though...which the vacuum truly is! I can't imagine how difficult women had it before they hard it would be to really get the floors clean with just a broom!**

Madelyn smiles! :)

My cousin is getting married this weekend. It should be a lovely time of celebration! We are helping with the rehearsal dinner (because the groom's family lives across the country and can't orchestrate it from there...they will be flying in for the wedding though!). So we have fruit and veggies to cut, tablecloths to iron and tables to set up. :) The dinner isn't until tomorrow evening, but we are going to try and get as much as we can prepared ahead of time (today) so there is less stress tomorrow! My mama is in charge of it all and she is a wise woman. :) So I need to get going! 
Wishing you all a great weekend ahead! (I hope you have all stayed safe with the great big line of storms that went through the country recently! We didn't get much of anything but lots of rain and some lightning!)


  1. Oh how adorable Eloise and Dinah are....I miss that sweet age!!! Have you read "Marriage to a Difficult Man"? It is one of my all time favorite books! It is about Jonathan and Sarah Edwards' marriage...she was an amazing lady!! I, also, love reading about her and her devotion to her husband and children. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating a new marriage ;)

  2. Katy, my name is Connie and I have been a reader for a while.. You are such an inspiration.. I love how you share your love with God with myself and others.. and the photos are adorable.. Have a great evening.. Connie from Kentucky..

  3. wow...busy, busy!

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  4. wow those truly are beautiful eyes!!!


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