Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Beautiful Wedding to Remember!

One of my cousins got married yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and *she* was a beautiful bride. It was so bittersweet (I fought back tears *many* times) because this cousin was only 9 or 10 (my children's age) when *I* got married...and here she is, making a lifelong covenant of her own! It is terribly hard to accept...I know people say this all the time (but it's true): time flies by much too quickly. The minutes, hours, days, months and years just keep ticking by. I think I need to stare at clocks more...that way time will appear to slow *way* down! :)

My handsome boys on our way into the wedding...

 Lovely Madelyn...guestbook attendant extraordinaire!

Jaxson and Mama (photo-bombed by X)...

Baby Dinah was there too! She looked incredibly sweet in her dress...I got a lot of snuggle time in with her at the reception!

My cousin and her groom (a gorgeous couple, truly!)...

At the reception...

Xavier with another classic photo-bomb (he is such a ham!)...

Eloise...getting her *twirl* on!

Although my boys were too shy to do the dollar dance, Madelyn wasn't!

Me and another cousin of mine! :)

The boys were so excited when they brought the cake around!

My family, dancing to *we are family* (they even got my grammie up to dance! yay!)...

My love and me...

At the end of the night, everyone sent luminaries up. I stood back to watch with my Grammie (and snap some pictures!)...

We didn't get home until 11pm. For me, that is ultra-super-late-night. I was practically in tears (silly, I know....but my body just starts falling apart it seems when night comes!). 

It was a lovely afternoon/evening and so, so nice to be with family and friends! Another day for the memory books! :) 



  1. What a fun and beautiful wedding!

    Thanks for the photos!


  2. Weddings of loved ones are so beautiful to share! And Katy you look so pretty!! Just wanted to let you know I am blogging exclusively at my blogspot now as xanga is shutting down

  3. Gorgeous wedding! So wonderful to share these memories with family.

  4. The pictures are lovely Katy. You have such a gorgeous smile lady! (:



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