Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Work...A Little Play...

Days have been busy around here. Along with finishing up our school year and getting portfolios ready to turn in, we have been planting (lots of veggies and hosta), mowing, cleaning and playing...

I have also been working on cleaning out and organizing our school room (where we don't actually *do* school...but where we keep all our school things stored). It's amazing how quickly it can become disorganized! I still have a ways to go on it...but it's getting there!

Jaxson loves looking through old photo albums. This is one from back in my cheerleading days...

Madelyn and Daddy had fun fishing at his sister's pond. The boys did some fishing too but got bored when they didn't catch anything right away...so they ran off to play with their cousins!

Fun at a family picnic...

There goes X on the go-kart...

Daddy takes a turn!

Making me smile...

Aren't the fields so pretty?

We were blessed with nice weather yesterday. I was able to get 2 loads of laundry out on the lines to dry as well as some schoolwork with the children. Then, since Chris had off from work, we all headed down to the big garden (which I will share photos of soon) to plant potatoes, corn and green beans! We got a *lot* of seeds put in! It was exhausting work! I got a little sunburn too (I always make sure the children are covered but always want to get "a little color" myself...and end up getting a bit of a burn!). After that, I worked on some reel mowing at home. 

We were all positively plum-worn-out after such a busy day...so we invited Chris's parents up (they had been down planting with us too) for a little picnic. We grilled burgers and ate out at the picnic table. It was really nice! After getting everything cleaned up, my in-loves went home to relax and everyone here got bathed and collapsed into bed! I love productive days like that, don't you?

When I do have a bit of *down* time...I enjoy putting sermons on to listen to. Lately, I have listened to some *great* ones! (You can find other ones I have loved and gleaned much wisdom from HERE). Here are some of the ones I have listened to lately that you may enjoy:

Getting Your House in Order ~ Voddie Baucham
The Supremacy of Christ ~ Sermon Jam
God Always Provides ~ Paul Washer
Whoever Controls the Schools, Controls the World ~ Voddie Baucham

If you take a listen to any (or all) of them...I would love to know what you thought! They are great to put on while you are folding clothes, washing dishes or dusting. :)

Thank you for visiting today...I hope you have been able to mix up your work and play! I am so thankful for all the beautiful memories we are able to make while we work *and* play together!
Have a great week!



  1. A lovely post, we has sunshine this weekend, it was also a bank holiday weekend. Today it has been raining heavy all day.best wishes x

  2. Good morning, Katy! Looks like your family is doing a lot of what we're doing here! Lots of planting and working (and playing) outside.

  3. Katy, thanks for sharing those sermon links! I listened to the Paul Washer one last night and was just so encouraged by what he had to share. God does indeed provide what we need when we trust Him and keep pressing in.....He had some awesome words of wisdom to share.....and I just loved the humble heart he shared! Since I often am not able to make it to church because of my work schedule, links like these just really mean alot and God uses them! Hugs to you for sharing!!!

    Oh, and btw, I LOVE that pic of you and Chris! :D

  4. Hi Katy,

    Just stopped by for a quick visit. As always, your recent posts are lovely and encouraging. Thanks for sharing with us.


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