Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Raising Children

Raising Godly, well-behaved, respectful children is not an easy task. It requires a lot in the way of patience, discipline, love and a great balance of firmness and gentleness. I find that the Lord helps to mold and make me through this journey! 

Raising children is not just about putting clothes on their back and food in their bellies. It's about teaching them and training them up. Our family works together on's how we *roll* (that's what people say nowadays, isn't it?). We read, laugh, learn, cry, dance, worship, work and play together! I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Xavier has started reading without a fuss now! He will spend at least 5 or 10 minutes sitting and reading a book during school-time! He has finished the book below and now started a new one! It's such a joy to see him get his book and go sit and read without a complaint! I am praising God for this as it used to be such a struggle! (I can't force him to *love* reading...but I expect it to be done daily...with no fuss.)

Housework and chores, when done together with a little bit of music can be a lot of fun!

"Many hands make light work."
~John Heywood

Sunday evening, I was in the house and Chris was outside. The children were in and out...Xavier had just gone out when all of a sudden I heard screaming! I ran to see what was wrong and he came in, sobbing frantically. He had shut his finger in the door of the house (not quite sure *how* it happened exactly, but the finger proves it happened!) It was bleeding and swollen...but thankfully doesn't seem broken. I got him some ice and Chris talked with him, wiping away the tears...

Because my 5K had been Saturday morning and there was a previous commitment for Saturday evening, we didn't have the chance to work on splitting wood that day...and the supply in the wood shed was getting dangerously low! So Monday, when Chris got home from work...we all got busy! Xavier was a great help too (didn't complain about his finger hurting at all!). He, Jaxson and I worked at moving the splitter out to the logs (that thing is *heavy*!) and then moving logs to it for Chris to split when he got home. Then as soon as daddy pulled in the driveway, we got to work!

Madelyn squeezed some time in to make a snow-woman! Notice how modest she is with her covering of bark? ;)

Daddy and X, splitting away...


And although my photos make it seem as though I just *watched* from the sidelines...I assure you I was there...loading the wheelbarrow, pushing it and then unloading it at the wood shed! I just ran in to get my camera when we were nearing the end of the logs we were doing for the evening (I was slipping away to start supper so it would be hot and ready after everyone was finished). I am (below) with not a lick of make-up on (thus, I look better in black and white), wearing my wood-coat! 

And on another day...the children around the house before supper (sweet little moments to remember)...

Is she not adorable? She makes my mama-heart proud!

My Xavier (who, despite what his shirt says, is *not* a wrestler...nor are we from Clarion. This was a thrift store find a while back! Just a decent, cheap t-shirt! He *does* wrestle a lot with his brother though...does that count? ;)...

Jaxson with his newly-bought-with-his-own-money (from the thrift store) remote car!

The blessings of children are too many to count. There are times of difficulty, tears, trials, errors and frustrations...but each of those things are bits of blessings in disguise. Each one being used by an Almighty God to give His children (young and old alike) character, patience, perseverance and strength. It teaches us humility and dependence upon the only One in which all perfection lies. 

"The more children God gives to you, the more blessings come to your home. You are blessed, grandparents are blessed, the nation is blessed, future generations are blessed, and eternity is blessed." 
~ Nancy Campbell, Above Rubies

I pray, that if you were blessed with children, that you realize what a treasure they are! Cherish the time you have with them...never take things for granted (even if they are "all-grown-up")! Love them, teach them, train them, listen to them, watch them, hug them! We are never promised more than this very moment...

With warm wishes on this snowy day,


  1. Cute pictures of the children. We have an outdoor furnace also and have found that when we split the wood into smaller pieces it burns faster. We just cut with into 2 foot sections (not splitting at all); they are a bit heavier but burn longer. I usually tend to our furnace only twice a day - 6 am and 6 pm. My husband had surgery last month and still can't lift anything over 30 pounds so it is up to me to "man" the furnace.

    Take care,

  2. Did you publish on this blog your recipe for spaghetti sauce last year (or years before)? I was looking for one online and thought you had one.



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