Wednesday, March 6, 2013

God Honoring Choices....

With so many advertisements and "cheaper" foods out there, it often seems easier to just eat fast food or whatever we want that sounds good. Most people are putting an abundant amount of calories in their body but not expending enough...thus the pounds start packing on! Most of us were not born with a metabolism set at warp-speed for our lifetime. To get lax-i-daisy about it and just eat what we want, when we want (and even throwing things in our mouths without even thinking about it through the day) results in an expanding waistline before we even realize it! Unfortunately, it's terribly easy to do and being our sinful selves...we go along with it. 

As Christian women, we take care to make our decisions well and God-honoring. We dress modestly, watch our tongues, spend time in the Word, care for our families to the best of our ability  and try to keep germs and sickness far away from our loved ones. We are dedicated to living out the Proverbs 31 woman ~ striving and failing often (but getting back up and trying all over again, right?). So knowing this...why is it so easy for us to just eat...and not try to make healthier decisions about the food we put into our bodies (and those of our loved ones)? Is it God-honoring to become gluttonous or lazy with the care of our bodies? 

It bothered me that I was over-weight. To me, it truly affected my Christian witness. I would be striving to honor God in all areas of my life...except that one. I would cry to my mom about it and just feel like I had tried (and failed) to lose weight so many times. *This* time though, it wasn't about "just" wanting to be was about honoring God, repenting from my sinful ways and getting healthy. The first thing I did was sign up for a spin class....immediately! (Don't think you'll *start* next matter what day it is...start your healthy way of life NOW!)

Does it take extra time to exercise? Yes. But do I enjoy it now? Absolutely! The second you start losing that extra weight, you want to continue...push more!  Is it quite time consuming figuring out my food intake and what I am going to eat? Yes...but it becomes more routine and natural over time.

Some suggestions:

**One thing I will highly recommend to you: if you go to picnics with friends or other things where you are unsure of the food served (so you can make a proper choice ahead of time)...then *pack* your lunch. Get yourself your own, special (mine is monogrammed) insulated tote/lunch bag and pack it with healthy items for you to eat. I pack my lunch anytime I go anywhere! Friends and family know that I am and now it is just "normal" for me! :)

**Also, if you *are* planning on eating out, use the restaurant's online resources to find out *what* you can eat and be ready for what you will order before you even leave the house! :)

**Hard boil eggs and eat them as a protein at lunch or supper...alone or on a salad! 

**Get a food scale (or if you already have one ~ USE it!). Measuring and weighing out your food is so important so you know the true serving size you are eating.

**Boil or bake chicken breasts then cut them up and save them to use on salad or to make a healthy wrap with a bit of cheese and lettuce! Store it in the fridge to use when you need it! 

**Cut up veggies and keep them stored in the fridge for an easy, healthy snack.

**If you need something sweet opt for a sugar-free pudding (that is low cal) or a light yogurt! They will help quench that sweet-tooth! Fruit is also a great option!

**Going to a birthday party? Don't eat the cake! You will regret it! Take a healthy alternative to eat while everyone else is eating the cake. Don't take celery or carrots...or you will feel deprived. Take a sweeter healthy-option. Then you will enjoy something sweet as everyone else does...but without the guilt! :)


Today, (although I won't publish this until tomorrow) I spun for an hour at the Y early this morning...then after schooling, the children and I went for a run. We went a good mile and a half. I am getting my bit of practice in before I run that 5K at the end of the month!

Start walking....and as you start losing weight...start walking faster! Do you have bad knees? Then cycling or spinning will be good for you! Find something you *enjoy* and keep going with it. Just don't give up!

Most importantly, realize you are doing this to be healthy and God-honoring (as well as a good example to young ladies around you). Stay in prayer...and praise God in it all. Keep Him as your center focus!

I am now down 62 pounds...healthier than I have been in a *long* time and truly, I give God all the glory. I am so thankful for the strength He gives. It's not always easy....but life *isn't* easy He is my source of comfort and strength in this along with everything else! I think that is the way it is suppose to be! :o) I am only 11 pounds away from weighing what I did when I graduated high school. I can fit into sooo many clothes now and can even wear my class ring (it's fun to do just because I can!!!).

If I can help you or if you have any questions...please feel free to let me know! I hope you found this post helpful and encouraging (maybe even convicting). Please know I am speaking from experience...not in a judgmental way towards anyone. I just know the hurdles I faced and am not afraid to admit them. Now, if you are in the same boat ~ I hope I can help you face those hurdles too!

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! :)

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! Great tip about having healthy snacks ready to go. I have been cleaning and cutting up carrot sticks and I find that I reach for those more then a cookie due to the convenience. I also purchased a food scale and it is amazing to see how much I was over eating. It is eye opening to see what a portion realy is!

    Thank for the encouraging post!

  3. Hi Katy,
    Thanks for sharing this. It really helps to read testimonies and tips from people who are winning this battle and who realize that it is a God thing, too.

    Please continue. I've lost about twenty pounds, but I'm currently stuck. I have a very logn way to go. My hubby wants a very restrictive diet with no meats or dairy. That's really hard for me.

    Thanks again for sharing,

  4. What an inspiration you are Katy!! The sad part is, I know all of this, but can't seem to get it together. I keep telling myself 'when it gets a little warmer, I'll start walking again." I mean it this time! :)) Thanks for such an inspiring post for me today!

  5. Wow. You are so inspiring me right now.

    That is awesome. 62lbs. Congrats.

  6. 62 lbs?!?! That is so wonderful!! Thank you for a VERY encouraging post!! Thank you for the tips and ideas of what were especially helpful for you! Congratulations again...that is a huge accomplishment!!

  7. That's so great Katy! Good for you lady! When do we get to see another picture of your progress? (:


  8. Congratulations Katy!!! It is a hard road but with God all things are possible!! And learning patience!!!..... I too have gotten my food scale out again and have learned to find higer protein foods to help keep me fuller longer. I have such a long way to go and with my age makes it harder but as long as I know I am eating right and exercising I know I am oing the right thing!! I pray everyday that God helps me to make the right choices! Please share a picture of your beautiful new you!!! Take care and God Bless!! :0)

  9. Hi Katy,

    62 pounds is great. I like your tip about the food scale, sometime I measure my portions into meausure cups but I think a scale would work better. My diet downfall is when I am work, sitting behind a computer all day (accountant) and my mind and body wonders towards the chocolate candy bars in the breakroom a co worker is selling. I just ate one before I read this post during my break. Soda is another weakness of mine, I read all the horror stories about diet pepsi, but it is VERY hard to give it up. I am going to try a little harder I think. Congrats on the weight loss and looking forward to pictures of the new you!

    Take care,

  10. i needed to read this. i have been eating fairly healthy for a few months and have begun losing. however, i had a rough week and sought comfort in food for about 3 days now. i am inspired to get up and try again. thanks for sharing.

  11. Katy,
    Thanks for sharing this. I am on a journey to getting healthy as well. I am trying to lose 30 pounds by the end of August (our son is getting married then). I am currently doing weight watchers and working out on my treadmill. I was doing great, and lost almost 5 pounds the first month, and now, I am gaining weight. I dont understand why, because I am sticking to the weight watcher plan and working out when I can. It's so frustrating for me. But, I am trying to stay positive and keep plugging away. I realized the other day that as long as I am trying my hardest at this, that's what matters. I cant control my metabolism, or other factors with how God designed me. As long as I am doing my best to be healthy and fit, that's good enough. But you are an inspiration to me. I hope I can have as much success as you have!

  12. A-MAZ-ING! I haven't read in awhile, but that is just awe inspiring! I am definitely in the rut you were before you started exercising. I know I need to do something and I know exercise and healthy eating are it--but then I feel like I just get overwhelmed with choices or what/how to do what is needed next. I need to stop my whining and just do it! A question or two, if you don't mind answering. How long has it taken you to loose that much weight? I know it's slow but were there times you just couldn't see much improvement and wanted to quit? Obviously you stuck with it. Just wanting to hear more! Thank you for doing this for yourself, your children, your family, and writing about it for others (like me) to really wake us up!

    1. Thanks Julie! :)

      It has taken me 9 months to lose that amount of weight. Honestly, not once did I want to quit...nor do I now. I give God the glory for that! Plus, I always keep foods I enjoy in the house (that are low cal) so I don't feel deprived or starving! I also live with the mindset that if I want to eat more, I have to exercise first and burn it off before I even start! :)

      There were times I would hit a bit of a plateau but I could feel my body changing still (losing inches) etc. Having good friends, workout buddies and family who encourage you through those times are sooo helpful! If you start and need encouragement, I am here for you!! I will help and keep you motivated any way I can!

      don't feel overwhelmed. Find some exercise you enjoy to do! Plus, remember that I am in a different season of children are a bit older (my baby being 7 now) so don't guilt yourself! Do what you can but always remember your role as wife and mama are soo important so don't stress out! :)


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