Saturday, March 23, 2013

5K = 3.1 miles

My first-ever 5K race was today. My nerves were all jumbled anxiety was through the roof. I kept wondering if I had over-estimated my abilities! Chris was a constant encouragement! I am so thankful for him because truly, I wanted to crawl back under my quilts and hide. I have never been a "runner" and I just couldn't imagine that I would be able to finish a race that was over 3 miles long! I prayed...and also had the encouragement of my friends and family so off I went! 

 It was *cold* outside! This is what it has been doing the days leading up to today...

The snow is beautiful as it lays gently upon everything outside...but I think we've had our fill! We've already passed the first "official" day of spring...with no actual *spring* in sight! And you know me...I am quite anxious to get my clothes out drying on the lines! :)

The two older children spent time outside shoveling (so thankful for them)! I mentioned earlier in the post, today was race day. I was *not* in it to win it...but rather to *finish* it. Here is a photo of my friend, Ann (this was her first 5K too! We ran it together!), and me (we spin together in the mornings)! I hate when I smile so big like this (it makes me look as though I am overly-giddy!). Also, the shirt I had ordered was too large so it looks like a night-shirt on me (but afterwards, Chris bought me a long sleeved shirt from the race in a smaller size and it fits nicely!)...

The race started at 11 (well, it truly got started a few minutes after that) and we all took in our ears and the road (plus snow, ice, gravel and slush) beneath our feet! Down through alleys, around buildings, up hill and down hill and across bridges we ran....and ran and ran! 

Here I am *after* the race (below)! Yes...we finished ~ with a time of 33 minutes (about an 11 minute mile) which I incredibly pleased with. I had expected to take a lot longer than that! Two of my little darlings were with me (aren't they sweet in their hats?) in the car. Chris and X went in the Jeep! (Yes, they all came to cheer me on, despite the frigid temps!)

So now, other than some sore leg muscles (around my knees)...I feel great! This is a big accomplishment for me and I hope to get to run some more of these through the summer! Chris mentioned wanting to run one with me in July! I can't imagine anything better when running a 5K than getting to run it with your best friend (except the hard-to-swallow fact that he will probably out-run me!). 

Thank you, so much, for all the prayers, well-wishes, kind words and encouragement you have all given to me. To some, running a 5K is quite easy...but for me, this was something to show me that I am really getting healthy and all the spinning, right-eating and hard work are worth it! Who would have believed 10 months ago (remember THIS?) that I would be over 60 pounds lighter now and running a 5K?? I truly praise God for the strength He gives! 

Thank you for coming by! 
Have a great Lord's Day!


It's all about Jesus Christ being first....and second and third and fourth and fifth. 
What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first. 
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank, He is everything
~Paul Washer


  1. Wow...what an awesome accomplishment !! You are so cute no matter how big or small your smile is, my dear !! The love of God emanates from's radiant !!!

  2. So proud of you! You set out to do it and you did!
    God is good all the time!

  3. That is wonderful! I am so proud of you.

  4. Congratulations, Katy!!! Hooray!!! You did it and did it well. And look so cute in each of these pictures.


  5. Way to go, Katy!!! Awesome that all of your hard work has brought you to this place. What a wonderful thing to have your family there to cheer you on and share in your accomplishment! Once again, way to go!!

  6. Congratulations! That is so great! I am also not a runner but am starting a Boot Camp on 4/1 which involves running. I am honestly terrified but I figure if not now, then when? Maybe I'll work my way up to a 5K, too. Congrats again!

  7. Hi Katy,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! God is so good ... He gives us all the strength we need for every task and desire of our heart. It is such a joy to witness you giving Him the honor and praise for this awesome accomplishment.


  8. You are truly an awesome inspiration!! Thank you so much for sharing your story...i have been wanting to do the Couch to 5K program but have been dragging my feet! Just the thought of eating the right things and preparing all the food makes me cringe...not to mention getting off my duff and excercising!!
    Reading your story and how you put The Lord in the mix makes me see things in such a different light!
    Thank you so much Katy!!
    Your spiritual light shines so brightly that its hard for those around you not to shine also!!
    God bless you!!

  9. Congrats Katy!!
    This is a milestone and each new race or whatever you set your heart on, will prosper!
    Yes, I am also tired of cold, but we are still very behind in our moisture levels. Need Sunshine:)
    Blessings, Roxy

  10. So, so proud of you Katy! Congratulations girly - - What an accomplishment! Love your gorgeous, "giddy" smile. (:

    Have a wonderful Lord's Day to you as well!


  11. Well done Katy! I thought about you, i hoped the weather would be kind for you. I will donate a small donation to a charitiy for your accompishment. If you have a particular charitiy please let me know. I often sponsor different charities.
    Once again well done, best wishes x

  12. Great job, Katy! In the picture of you and your friend I can really tell your weight loss. Great job!

  13. Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh, {Katy}! *So* proud of you! You're such a sweet encouragement! xo

  15. Thank you, all, so much friends!! :)

  16. AESOME Job Katy!! So happy for you!! You have come such a long way!! Keep up the good work!!

  17. Awesome! And an 11 minute mile is good, Katy! So proud of you!

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