Friday, February 22, 2013

There's Something About Home

There is such comfort in being home. It's so relaxing...and refreshing. Home doesn't have to be expensive or perfect...just *yours*. Filled with love, laughter, the occasional tears (as comes with all families), and a *warmth* you just can't get anywhere else but there. After being out and about...there is such a relief about just walking through the doorway here. My mom and I were discussing, earlier, how nice it is *especially* to come home (and sleep in your own bed) after being away for a time.

My mom took my children to my aunt's house (4 hours from here) for the past few days. They went snowboarding and had such a blast! It was awfully quiet around here while they were gone. I cried when they left...but it is good for them to go off like that for a few days. We are together constantly (which is best, in my opinion) but it's good for us all to have a break from each other from time-to-time. I enjoyed some of my quiet time on Tuesday....although it was a bit lonesome! Wednesday I babysat my nephews part of the day and helped at my dad's garage for some of the day. Thursday I babysat my nephew all day. So, I kept busy. I did have time to get some reading in...which was nice. My sister lent me a couple fiction books. I typically read theology/non-fiction books...harder reading. These books are easier reading and nice to soar through and get lost in the story. :)

The children got home last evening. I went and picked them up at my mom's house and it was so good to have them back....*except* the bit of bantering and bickering that started as soon as we piled in the van. I'll take it long as it means they are close to me!

So now they are home and things have gotten back to normal. Catechism, schooling, chores, meals, playing and running errands! :) I must admit...I LOVE normal routine!

It's still really cold here...not much snow on the ground but bitterly cold (with the take-your-breath-away-biting-wind). I am *very* much looking forward to warmer days...hanging clothes out on the line, going for runs/walks, gardening and reel mowing the lawn! I know the children are antsy to get out to play too!

Making bannock bread...

Madelyn's knitting has improved with each and every project she finishes! Here is her latest finish...a dishcloth! Isn't it lovely!?

The Jax-Man...working on some schoolwork...

...then playing when he was finished....

 My three sweeties...aren't they just dolls in their hats? They have gotten compliments wherever we go about them! Yep...I love each ~ one ~ of ~ those ~ kiddos!

 Madelyn and Xavier...attending to their studies...

I will be starting supper soon...I'm looking forward to a low-key evening. After supper...maybe play a game or two, do some reading and then head to bed! Hope yours is well as the weekend ahead! :)

"Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration."
~Charles Dickens

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. your children are very precious, have a lovely weekend!

  2. I can feel the coziness of home in your words and pictures. I spent most of day away from home doing my grocery shopping and running a couple of errands. I am looking forward to spending all day tomorrow home!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great blog I am now following. I showed my kids the pictures of your kids working in their cle workbooks and they were excited to see kids doing the same thing as them. My 8 year old wants to get out the train tracks also! Have a blessed day.


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