Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A New Door!

The schoolroom of our house is an old, enclosed front porch (that I hope to rip off and make into a *real* porch one day). It's windows are quite drafty so we have to (in the winter) hang a curtain between that room and the dining room to keep the warm air *in* and the cold air *out*. Chris's uncle knew we were looking for an old door to put there instead and found this one in his barn...

Isn't it just fantastic? It has such **character**! It doesn't close completely...it will need trimmed to fit correctly but for now, it serves it's purpose well and I just love it's rustic look!

Today we kept busy here at home. We did our schooling this morning and did some tidying and chores throughout the day. I made a meal for a beloved family from our church who has a loved one dealing with some health issues. We took that out to them a bit ago...now we are home, relaxing for a bit...supper is in the oven and I look forward to the evening ahead with my family!

My sleepy boy (last evening, waiting for supper to be ready)...

So off I go for now. I know this was quite a short-sweet and to-the-point type of post...but I need to get supper finished up! Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. I love the door! It's so pretty, I love the old, rustic look of it!

  2. reminds me of our frontdoor where I grew up 30+ years ago

  3. Nice door! Looks like you finished it off shabby chic yourself.
    Doors are hard to fit...my husband can spend a 10 hour day fitting ours when he puts in a new one. But that might just be my husband! Happy Valentine day.

  4. Hi Katy -
    Love the door, especially the window - it allows the light from the "schoolroom" to filter into the front room.


  5. I love the door it suits the country feel of your home!

  6. The door definitely match the feel of your house. It's as though it was left in that barn for you to find. I also like the rustic look it exudes, and I'm happy to hear that you love it as much. However, even though it serves it's purpose for now, I wish you could get it trimmed soon. That way, you won't have to worry about it not closing completely.
    Katie Nicoll

  7. I must say that the details really worked out. It blends with the texture and tone of your walls while standing out with a bright color. This certainly looks and feels like one of those doors from old movies which gave you a sense of being classy as you walked in. Thanks for sharing this! :)

    Roofing and More INC

  8. Way too cool for a schoolroom door! You can really feel its age just by looking at it. You have a unique preference for your door, huh? It isn't quite for others' liking, but I find it so awesome. I wonder if you have any other vintage, rustic piece of furniture in your house.

    Roselia Mangione @ All County Exteriors

  9. That door looks great in the home. I think I will go out and do the same with our door and make it look cool and rustic like that one. My wife and I bought this house recently and it really needs a make over. Wish I had more time to do the things I planned to do months before.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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