Monday, January 14, 2013

Homeschooling with Workboxes

The children and I have just implemented a new-to-us organizational system for our homeschool work. It's called the workbox system and works marvelously! It keeps us well organized (which I love!). Each of the children have their own set of workboxes where their books and workbooks go for each subject (the subjects we do together such as Bible and Music are kept with me).

For the past couple years, I had a box (and lid) for each child to keep their schoolwork in. This has worked decently for us...however some of the boxes (mostly of two-silly-boys-I-know) were attracting random paper clips, erasers, broken crayons and the like in the bottoms of their boxes. This made it messy. When getting out one workbook and putting one back in the box, they would get their pages bent and sometimes ripped. We just needed a better way! When I saw THIS post, I found our answer!!! We don't need a workbox planning sheet as she does...ours is mostly for organizational purposes. I keep track of what subjects are done by making little x's by each finished lesson in our planners. 

We keep our crayons, colored pencils and markers (of which we few) ever ready on the workboxes!

The boxes aren't exactly beautiful dining room decor...but that's okay. This is my season of life right now and to keep them in the *freezing cold* (which is the very reason we don't do our schooling in there) school room is just silly because then the children would be going in and out between each subject. It works and I am glad! :)

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  1. Glad you have found something that works for you and the kids!

    It is always fun to get more organized!


  2. When I homeschooled my kids we lived in a mobile home and there was not a whole lot a room. We had a kitchen/diningroom combo and Steve built me a shelving unit on a far wall in there and thats where we kept all our schooling things. :0) Have a wonderfully Blessed day Katy!!

  3. We have a lovely *school* room in the basement. It has rows of books, organized supplies, pictures on the wall. We always end up in the living room or dining room however. Close to the kitchen, cozy. Who says you can't drink hot chocolate while you do math? So in the bottom of my china cabinet I have a space designated for the upstairs books. I think the workbox system looks lovely with your decor because it says,"Three kids live here and I am blessed to be homeschooling them!"

  4. Good morning, Katy! We implemented a version of the workbox system at the beginning of the school year, and it has worked great for us! I agree about it not being the best home decor. Our boxes are actually in our living room area since our house is small and an open floor plan. But, hey, it's just a part of schooling at home. Have a blessed day!

  5. Personally, I think there's not much difference between homeschooling and regular schooling. You learn either way. And as we need to organize our materials that we bring to school, so are the stuff that we use when studying in a home setting. I'm glad you've discovered a system that would make things easier, in some ways, for you and your kids. :)


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