Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Food, Fun and Visiting...

 I made Hobo Dinner (from my Amish Cookbook) for supper the other night. I tried a bite and it was delicious! It was a hit with the family too! It was really simple...a layer of hamburger, a layer of sliced potatoes, a layer of onions, a layer of cheese with cream of mushroom soup poured over the top! Yum!

That's Jaxson under that stool! He can fit completely under there! I am cherishing these days because I know one day he will be much-too-big to do that! ;)

 As a thank-you for watching Eloise while she (my sister) was in labor/delivery, Devon gave Madelyn and I a new game to try out!

So we had fun giving it a try! It was a great way to make the children *think* about building words and finding a strategy to make new words!

We journeyed to my sister's house yesterday afternoon to celebrate Eloise's 2nd birthday (Can you believe she is turning TWO?) We got there a little early and Eloise was we took turns snuggling Dinah!


Madelyn with Dinah...

She was awake when we first arrived and was so alert! She looks so much like her mama did when she was a baby!

I have the *auntie* touch... I put her to sleep! (I hope that's not a sign that I am incredibly boring to be around!)...

Jaxson took a turn holding her but when Dinah started to fuss a bit, he offered her back to me! ;)

These cold, blustery winter days in Pennsylvania demand taking your slippers wherever you go! ;)

My dad and Chris took a snooze before the party began. It *was* a Sunday afternoon after all...sleep is a necessity for two hard-working fellas!

I have more photos from El's birthday party to share...but my sister has some too and so (since she is *her* daughter) I thought I would wait to post any official party photos until she has had the chance to post about it on her blog! So hopefully my next post will show the fun of it all *after* Eloise woke up from her nap! :)

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  1. Hey Katy! What is the name of your new game? We are board game lovers here and any game that is educational is always a bonus! BTW, isn't it absolutely wonderful being an aunt?!!!! We aren't able to have anymore children so everytime one of my sisters has a new baby, I just LOVE loving on them and cuddling with them. So precious! Oh, and your dad looks so young! I would have never thought he was your father!!! Have a blessed day!

  2. Katy, first off congratulations on your journey for a new you, you are looking spectacular...... Love the pictures of your new niece and happy birthday to El as well, time does fly as you are noticing with your children.... Mine are all grown and I have 4 grandbabies now.... my oldest son just turned 30 the other day, hard to believe that I am such a young MIMI lol.... I just turned 48 this month as well....
    Stay warm, we are expecting about the same weather here in Ohio, good days to stay in and play board games, craft and cook

  3. Dinah looks like Yoda in that one picture. LOL

  4. You have such a blessed family. That picture of you is beautiful and you are getting so thin. Stay warm!

  5. You are looking very youthful Katy! I take my slippers with me wherever I go too!! Except mine are worse....they are the arm fuzzy boot kind!!!! I always joke it's a sign of aging cause my mom does this:):) but nice to know I'm not the only young woman who does this:)

  6. Katy, Your supper looks delicious. I like the recipe down to the mushroom soup but I could use celery soup--don't you think. Katy, I wanted to tell you that you look beautiful in the picture holding Dinah. I know you have worked hard and it shows. I am so proud of you.


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