Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Field Trip!

Our homeschool group had a field trip planned for yesterday to the Carnegie Science Center. The last time I was there was when I was in 6th grade. I was excited to get to take my children there (at a reduced price ~ yahoo!)!

Waiting for the other families to arrive...

After tucking away our packed lunches in our assigned cubby...all the families were off to experience science!

This was inside of what the space shuttle would be like...the boys are laying on an astronaut's bed (and there is a screen above them showing them video of astronauts *in* the shuttle with no gravity in space!)...

Madelyn, despite my internal objections of this growing-up thing that she is doing, went off to experience the center with a few of her friends. They were in a group and we knew enough of the families that I wasn't too concerned. The worst part about it was that I am seeing my daughter grow is terribly bittersweet. I also didn't get many pictures of her because she wasn't with us most of the time.

There she independent girl...with her friends. They were watching a movie and learning lots...

The boys touched, played and experienced it all. My mama-mind was swirling with thoughts of germs...*lots* of germs and continually kept praying that we all didn't catch a bug (there's that superbug norovirus that is going around ~ which is terrible to I had some anxiety about that! I just prayed and prayed...and prayed!)...

My mom went with us. I just felt more comfortable driving in Pittsburgh with her along. I also knew she would enjoy it (and she really did!)...

My X-man and me...

In the sports building...

Oh, my Xavier is sooo much like his daddy! He wanted to jump and climb *high*!

And there he goes...

Flips and all! :)

X loved the rock wall and climbed in a few times during the day...

If Chris had been with us, I guarantee they would have been racing to the top!

Going up!

Going up again!

And Madelyn (more like her mama) gave it her best try but she is definitely not a fan of heights! She made it a third of the way and then came back down! I was proud of her trying her best!

Xavier at the *top*!

Jaxson, racing our friend (and homeschooling mama) Carrie, at a giant game of Operation!

My mom (yes, you read that correctly) enjoyed playing hockey with my boys and some of the other boys from our homeschooling group! They played for quite a while! If I remember correctly, she said she wished she could bring this table home with us! ;)

Madelyn and her friends waited in line for the Yo-You...

This contraption (which I rode in earlier in the afternoon with Jaxson) closes up and takes you on a wild ride through the body. The children (and, of course, my mom) loved it! It moves and lifts's crazy! :)

And below is a photo Jaxson and I took on a machine there and then emailed to ourselves! We took one with my mom and Xavier too and sent it to her email and then sent one to Chris's email too!

It was a long day but definitely worth it for the children. They had a lot of fun! And my mom (sweet as she is) bought them each a gift from the gift store there. I must admit...I think I am 31 going on 80....I was exhausted by the afternoon's end. I think my mom and the kids could have stayed for hours more! :)

We're still praying no one has caught any bugs from being there (as it can take time for anything to show itself sometimes) and continuing on with our normal routines. I do *so* well in my normal routines! ;) I'll be heading to my spin class in a bit here...and then home for schooling and housework. Later, we'll babysit my nephews for a couple hours and then come back home to make supper.

Thank-you for sharing in our field trip with us! I'm glad I have so many photos to remember the day!

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. It's definitely a fun place! We always have a good time when we go there!

  2. Looks like a great time. We have a Science Center close by and it's one of the kids favorite places to go :)

  3. Katy, I am so glad all of you had a great time. It looked as if it was all so much fun. We have a place here in NC called the Morehead Planetarium and Science Museum and we love it. We went with our home school group here back in September and we had a blast forgot the camera of all days. I totally understand what you mean about germs because here in my town we have seen a lot of the super virus as well. Just do as I do lol wash your hands and But back to the museum here if you would like to see pictures and what it is all about here is a great world site for it. Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week.

  4. What fun!

    I am like you and would be exhausted after a day like that. This homebody likes to stay in her safe, comfortable home and doesn't venture far from it!

  5. Oh, Wow! That looked like so much fun. Good for your mom! What memories they will have of her. Looked like a great day for all. I am like you, I cannot believe how grown up Madelyn is getting. They have all really grown up since I first started following you. I know how you feel about the bugs. The flu is so bad in our area and if I have to go out, I use my handwash.
    We are waiting for bad storms tonight.
    Love ya!

  6. Hi Katy, I so loved all the field trips with the kids. It is amazing I learned more as an adult then when I was a kid.
    I pray you stay healthy and the flu bug stays far away.
    Blessings, Roxy

  7. my boy used to love things like this, looks like they had a ball, and learned a lot!

  8. Your mom seems so vibrant and young Katy. Had to smile seeing the pictures of her enjoying your children. I bet she is a lot of fun to be around. Sure was nice for you to share the trip with her too. (:

    Have a nice weekend my friend!



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