Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Birthday Celebration!

My sister's POST is up so now I can post mine (she even has a short video you'll want to check out!)! :)

My niece, Eloise, woke from her nap and found her favorite-friends (and cousins) waiting for her in the living room when her mama and daddy brought her down! She (along with my children) had so much fun playing with the balloons that decorated the floor...

Devon and Cory made chili and had salads for everyone for supper (Cory grilled me a tasty chicken breast to put on my salad! Yum!)...

Chris and yours truly...

Chris in his *gift-from-his-mama* Fear the Beard shirt. I admit...I *do* fear Chris's beard! ;)

More balloon fun...

The photo below is hilarious. It may have been a *you-had-to-be-there* type of moment but oh it was funny! Eloise was full of excitement with her party...as I snapped the picture below she just happened to be in mid-flight towards a fall. She fell straight down and popped right back up! It was so funny and I was excited to have caught this funny picture!

At Christmas, Eloise was less-than-thrilled with opening her presents...but oh my, for her birthday she was the exact opposite! She opened them and usually, she would take it over to show Madelyn immediately and say "open it"! We all had to remind her there was more to open! :)

It was birthday cake time and Eloise got so excited! She ran in circles, squealing with delight! If you haven't (and would like to) you can see the short video from this moment HERE...

Finally...there was a time to play! She got out old toys and some new toys (that girl has such a great imagination and is *wonderful* at *play*!)...

We had such a nice time visiting, playing with El, celebrating her birthday and snuggling Dinah! It was a great evening! I'm so thankful for family! :) Thank-you for sharing in the celebration with us!

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. lovely, she has grown so much. she is adorable!

  2. Katy,

    Where did Eloise get her Sesame Street shirt? My little Hannah would LOVE that! Looks like a fun party!



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