Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Days!

We started out getting a little bit of snow...

Xavier made his own snow plow!

After playing and stacking wood out in the cold...the best way to warm up is with a nice, hot meal and playing legos in the living room...

Then...the day after Christmas, we started getting *more* snow...

Now we have lots and lots of snow laying all over the place!

Because of all that snow, we had to post-pone our one family Christmas get-together that was scheduled for the evening after Christmas due to really bad roads. We rescheduled it for last night instead and had a lovely time of food, family and fellowship!

Holding hands with my beloved (simple, sweet love)...

One of my aunts got the boys these fun mustaches! They made for some great laughs!

I will be doing some baking well as some cleaning. I hope to continue knitting on my mittens at some point as well. I hope, if you are getting the kind of snow we are, that you are staying nice, warm and cozy inside! :)

Thanks so much for coming by!

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. We also had to postpone a Christmas gathering due to the snow. We were under a blizzard warning the day after Christmas. It was nice to be warm and cozy at home all day!

    Enjoy your day baking and the beautiful white view!

  2. Hey Katy! Yes, it was terrible on Wednesday. Thankfully, my hubby was still on vacation so none of us had to go out, but the rest of our extended family had to go out for work. I was so thankful when I got the last phone call signifying that everyone was home safe and sound, although later than usual. Looks like your kiddos are enjoying the snow. So are mine. They were out for a couple of hours yesterday and have been out today since lunchtime! I, on the other hand, would much rather stay in the house crafting. LOL! Have a blessed day!

  3. Hi Katy, it snowed all around us, we were right in the middle of it and didn't get any. Oh well, it is nice to see your post and the snow...I can't imagine living with these amounts...but, I suppose you are use to it, and seem to love it! Thank you much for sharing your pics.


  4. Hi Katy love your pictures of the snow!! Here in England we have had non stop rain, peoples homes were flooded all over the country and it is still raining!
    We normally get our snowy weather in january.
    Katy i have so enjoyed your post all year, sometimes when i am in the house alone and feel alittle anxious i play your songlist gently in the back ground.
    please keep showing pictures of your snow, are you burning your logs day and night to keep warm? Best wishes jackie x
    p.s i will hold your sisters father in law in my prayers x

  5. Aaaww I always love visiting your blog. Such warmth in each and every post. Love the mustached and the boys in their warm hats!

  6. My phone cuts off my comments sometimes. I was also going to say that right after Xmas is the perfect time to get more snow... It just makes the holidays last tht much longer and it makes for a cozy feeling inside the home.
    The hand holding picture reminds me how sweet simple love is enough. There is no need to complicate marriage with over the moon expectations of how it should be... But enjoy the little things, the small gestures such as my husbands strong warm hands. One day if you have time I would love to read a post on your thoughts on making marriage love last!


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