Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jaxson's Birthday Fun!

Jaxson loves anything VW, so here he is wearing the hat we got him for his birthday while at our homeschool co-op on his birthday (where everyone sang to him and he was terribly embarrassed!)...

Because it is deer season and Chris's family owns a meat market...we are busy processing deer meat the days/weeks surrounding Jax's birthday every year...so we always hold his birthday party at the meat market (so everyone can participate but still continue their work). In light of this, I saw these super cute bear cupcakes on pinterest that I tweaked a bit and made into deer!

Jaxson and his buddy (and silly Xavier in the background)...

Chris and X...always making us laugh!

My mom found a monkey pinata for the children to have fun with...here Madelyn is showing it to one of my nieces...

Pinata time (as some of the men continue deer processing in the background! ;)...

Jaxson is definitely a Lord of the Rings fan (as we all are...but he even more so) and has some of the LOTR lego sets. He was so excited to receive this one to add to his collection (which has every piece all over my dining room table right now since they began putting it together as soon as we got home last night ~ trying to convince them to remove it all so we can do schooling today is going to be interesting...as they are going to want to finish putting it together first!)...

 He also got a remote control truck from Ma and Pa and has had a lot of fun driving it around! And yes, as you see below, he also got a banana! He takes a banana from Ma's house any time he is there! I buy him bananas but there is just something better about the ones at Ma's house! ;)

(Jax's friend, Caleb, on the left and my Jax-man on the right)

The days have been so busy here lately...I hope you'll forgive my lack of posting as of late. I hope you each are doing well!! :) Thanks for coming by and sharing in our celebration of Jaxson's life!

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. Happy Birthday, Jaxson! What a sweet story about the banana. Something he and Ma will always cherish!

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun - - great pics! Love all the smiles. (:

    Our boys really enjoyed Lord of the Rings too. We plan on going out together soon and seeing the movie; The Hobbit.

    We picked up our deer meat yesterday, but will have to wait awhile longer for the sausage and jerky.

    Meat in the freezer, and a nice yield from the garden stored for winter - A blessing indeed! (:

    Have a great day Katy!


  3. Happy Birthday!!
    Your children are amazing, Katy, so full of fun and creativity.
    God bless you all.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jaxson. You look very good in that Volkswagon
    Racing cap. do you think you would like to own a Volkwagon someday? My daughter and daughter-in-law both own Volkwagon cars. One is a Passport and one is a Jetta. Do you know they even have heated seats. What a luxury. I hope your birthday was wonderful and your next year will be even better.


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