Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Morning

I was up early Christmas morn, as usual. The house was quiet, cozy, peaceful. Candles were lit and things were prepared for when the children woke!

The children were up at 7...waiting at the top of the stairs until they were given permission to come down (a tradition at our house...and one we did even when my sister and I were young!). The anticipation is high!

We don't do a ton of gifts...but we all enjoy exchanging what we do have with each other!

Madelyn (with money that she earned) got daddy a new hat!

Since daddy got a new hat for Christmas, he and Xavier decided to wear them together as they went to Sheetz (for daddy to get free coffee!)...

Jaxson's new sword and holder...

Although I don't seem to have photos of it...Jaxson made Chris and me ornaments. Xavier got me Burt's Bees hand salve (as he knows how dry, cracked and sore my hands tend to get through the winter months). :) They each worked on their projects/shopping with Grammie (my mom).

We had a nice, small, enjoyable time together. Later that morning, my parents came over for brunch and Chris's parents stopped by too!

I hope you each were able to enjoy the season with those you love most.
Thank you for stopping by...I hope you'll stop back soon! :)

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