Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Bit from Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Eve Chris had a half day of work while I was at home wrapping, and doing lots of baking. We were having supper at my sister's house and I was to bring the rolls (Devon was making lasagna...although her husband was so sweet and grilled me chicken as a healthier alternative!).

Me and my busy kitchen...

When we got to Devon's house, Eloise had just fallen asleep for her afternoon nap so we all ~attempted~ to stay as quiet as possible...

My parents were there and then my aunt and cousin (who live many hours away from us) came too! It was such a nice time to spend with everyone! Once Eloise was up, we let the festivities and **picture-taking** begin!!!

Don't let her "I really love opening gifts" look fool you...poor girl...she *tried* to open them but definitely got bored with that quickly! ;)

Madelyn made a pillow and blanket for Eloise's baby...El tried covering up Jaxson!

Eloise got a oven to play with from PopPop and Grammie! She had a ton of fun with it!

That girl **loves** her mama!

Chris got a Gandalf pipe for Christmas!!!

Aunt Nen made Jaxson a VW sweatshirt! She hand-stitched that on there! He *loves* it! (Isn't Eloise's winking just toooo cute?)...

My Madelyn...growing into such a young lady (goodness, time goes by and it just baffles me how my little girl could be 11 already!?)...

 My cousin, Mariah, is a Christmas baby! So after all our Christmas celebrations...we surprised her with a little birthday celebration of her own!! :)

So as not to over-whelm you with photos, I'll have more of our Christmas in an upcoming post! Until then...

Madelyn, Xavier, Jaxson and Eloise 
wish you a very *Merry Christmas*!

♥ In loving kindness,


  1. Merry Christmas to you too!!!! Wonderful cozy family time in this post.

  2. It looks like everyone was so happy and had a wonderful time!! I love all the huge smiles!! :).

    You are looking amazing!!! I left a comment on another post but then it got lost somehow....anyway... I was wondering if you are still following the same strict diet, and still doing MyFitnessPal?? Are you finding it hard to keep up with the exercising....I always start so strong...for a month or two but then I lose discipline and you have any big things that have helped you be so consistent and persistent?? You've been with this for 6 months now so are you getting tired of the same foods? I am sure you are feeling so much healthier and energetic!! Congratulations!!

    1. Hello! Thanks so much! :)

      I am still doing MyFitnessPal (keeping track of what I am eating) but it isn't totally strict...I just am very conscious of what I eat! :)
      I truly LOVE my spin class that I go to every day so I don't find it hard to go. Actually, we have so much snow that I am not sure I can go to spin this morning and I am really bummed! I really enjoy it!
      I do eat a lot of the same foods...but I will eat other things too sometimes to mix it up...I just measure out/weigh out my portions and don't use butter etc. :) After losing 53 lbs now, it just feels so good to be getting so fit and healthy that I don't want to stop!!! :)

  3. Looks like youhad a delightful CHRISTmas!


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