Sunday, November 4, 2012

~ Recent Happenings...In a Nutshell ~

During these rainy days, along with our schooling, housework and playing...we also enjoyed some much-loved, family-favorite movies (which provide the perfect time for me to get some knitting done!). One of which is the Lord of the Rings. While we watched it, Jaxson just had to get out his LOTR Legos and have them all set up around the rug! ;) **Can I just add how much we all look forward to The Hobbit coming out soon!? I have read the book already and can't wait to see how they put the movies together for it!**

Shelob and Gandalf's cart...

Gandalf, Eomer, Frodo and Samwise (and Gollum is there too!)...

 Friday, during spin class early in the morning, I got a headache (all of a sudden-like) and had to leave early (which I was quite bummed about...I like to spin as much as I can). I came home and showered and took some ibuprofen to help the pain for it was to be a fun day! Eloise was coming to town! Thankfully, the meds helped muffle the pain enough that I could continue on with my day!

 The cutest cat in town...

I tried to get a good photo of kitty-cat Eloise...but I was having a terrible time getting a picture to turn out well for me! The flash made her face completely washed out but without the flash, things got a bit blurry!

Her mama made her outfit so she could dress like her cat (who recently had to be put to sleep), Weezer, whom she loved (and misses!)!

Madelyn and Eloise are best buds!

Everyone having a little look-see on Grammie's computer...

My X-man was there too!

Friday evening we went to our friend's daughter's 5th birthday party. I had made her the hat I knit and mentioned in THIS post. I am overjoyed to be able to say that the hat fit her and she wore it the whole night. Her mother said she even napped in it yesterday! It blesses me immensely when someone likes something I have made them! It makes all the effort put into knitting the item worth it! :)

A few photos from home...

My dad (known to the children as Pop-Pop) stopped by to show the children his new flatbed (for his business)...

In the kitchen (always a candle lit somewhere in my house!)...

Today we enjoyed solid biblical preaching as well as lovely fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ at church. We also spent some time visiting with Chris's family at his brother's house (where I got to spend some time snuggling my new nephew!).

And now, here I sit, eyelids getting heavy, knowing bedtime is drawing near! The minutes are ticking away and inching closer to 8pm. I know to some that seems super early...but I love to be in bed before 9...and some nights, I am dragging myself to get to bed at 8 because I am just so tired. Since I am up three hours before everyone else in my family, I am usually the first one to claim it's time for bed! Bright and early tomorrow I have spin class and then it will be time to come home and scramble to get everyone ready to go to our homeschool co-op!

So, I know this post was terribly rambling without much organization to it. Technically, I could have made this into two or three posts rather than scrunching it all into one big post. Yes, that would have been a better plan...but alas, I am exhausted and have no energy to change it all. So if you have gotten this far let me pause to *thank you* for reading this rambled-mess of a post!

Wishing you all a joy-filled week ahead. Prayers still being said for those who are displaced from their homes, or who are suffering in any way, from the hurricane!



  1. enjoy seeing so much all the wonderful photos, and hearing the details. God Bless you, Katy!

  2. Hi Katy, I was just thinkng that your blog is so sweet and cozy! I really do love stopping by:)
    I was wondering if I could ask you to think about adding me to your Blog Roll. I think the people you write to and for are just the kinda gals I love to be in contact with!
    I would really appreciate it as I would like to grow my blog.
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Hi Katy, Great post today. Ilove it how you tell us about your family's day. Madelyn is changing and looking grown up and prettier everyday.Tell Dad that is a pretty sharp new truck!

    Blessings, Katie, to you and your whole family,



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