Monday, November 26, 2012

Light Up Night!

Our town has a *light up night* parade once a year. It's held on the Friday after Thanksgiving. My dad always takes his trucks (he owns an auto body shop) through and my children ride through and throw candy! This year, we made a gingerbread house to put on the back of one of the trucks!

Putting the frame together...

Cutting out the windows....

Putting on the roof...

Adding extra details...

 It was a long day of preparing...but we got it done! I had just enough time to run home, give the children a sandwich and get them suited up in warm, cozy winter clothes before having to take the kids in to get on the trucks in preparation for the parade.

Here are the trucks all lined up (there were three...the Dodge (which is a general work truck), the big wrecker (driven by one of my dad's employees) and then behind that was the big tiltbed (which Chris drove through the parade)...

I turned off the flash for a minute so you could see the pretty light/glow coming through the windows of the gingerbread house we made!

And then a photo with the flash on...

Jaxson, Madelyn and Xavier all ready to go!

Nickel (my parents' pup) was ready to go too! She rode in the tiltbed with Chris...

My little elf...

Chris, always making us laugh, wearing Madelyn's elf hat (and other employees of my dad's are there too) ~ waiting before the parade got started!

A little glimpse at our town...

My mom and I watched the parade across the street from the courthouse...

And here they come! (I know it's quite hard to see...but I did the best I could!)...

Nickel wants to snag all that candy left on the road!!!

It was a cold, busy, exhausting day...but it all turned out wonderfully and the children had so much fun! :o)

♥ In loving kindness, Katy


  1. Ah fun!! Love the "gingerbread" house and the paper plate shingles - - pretty creative!

    Well... our hunting excursion (our 15 yr. old son and me) produced an 11 point, 200 lb. buck on black Friday. It was so exciting and we're thankful for the meat (and the nontraditional events of the hunt that made some great memories!). I love the quality time with him and the outdoors. (:
    It's so nice Katy that you also use your blog to document so many of your family's pleasant memories.

    Have an awesome week my friend! (:


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  3. That looks fun!

    What an adorable gingerbread house! Very clever!


  4. Love it... what fun! The gingerbread house looks great and I love how creative the roof is.

  5. it looks wonderful! nothing like a parade! so great the kids were involved too!

  6. What a beautiful tradition...
    Greetings from José, the Netherlands.

  7. I don't know how thaughtful this comment is, not writing it to hurt you, but it is so sad when a beautiufl little small town in America is so afraid of offending someone they can't even call it a Christmas parade, which was what it was. Everyone one there sure had some kind of spirit, I call it Christmas spirit, the old fashioned American way.....this is still America after all.

  8. I always enjoy reading what you and your family are up to!!! Sounds like a lovely time!

  9. A light up parade???. "A rose by any other name smells just as sweet!" It is what it is.


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