Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little knitting...a little schooling...

 The days are dark and rainy lately. I am really hoping the sun will peek out and visit us sometime soon. The dreariness is a bit depressing. Sure, I've enjoyed moments of coziness curled up in a chair with my fleece blanket tucked around me, knitting and watching a movie with the children...but overall, the sad-mood is a bit difficult to shake off.

I am still going to my spin classes each morning at 6. It always feels so good to get moving early...then come home for a nice warm shower. Everyone in my home just begins to stir from bed when I am getting home. Then the busyness officially begins ~ the children feed the animals, I pack Chris's lunch and then jump in the shower. After kissing Chris off to work, the children and I have breakfast, prayer and catechism (like I have said before, I am not Catholic...but catechizing your children is essential for their Christian growth ~ we use THIS book). Then schooling begins for the day. We usually finish in the morning hours...which leaves the afternoon hours for chores, games, movies, knitting, reading and supper prep!

My latest knitting finish is this hat for our friend's daughter who turns five soon. This will be her birthday gift. (Hopefully I don't ruin the surprise of it if she reads my blog before tomorrow evening!)...

The hat is too big for Maudie, my baby head it isn't modeled exactly right...but you get the idea! ;) I made eyelets around the bottom of the hat, and also a flower...

I hope it will keep the little gal's head and ears warm this winter!!!

Madelyn has been working on knitting too lately...

The children focusing on their studies this morning...

Well, there is more housework I need to do...and then supper to begin preparing this evening before Chris comes home. Thanks for visiting me today...I'm so sorry I started the post off so dismally. I just need some sunshine! ;) I'll try to have more of a *glass-is-half-full* type of attitude in my next post! I hope you'll come back! :o)



  1. Oh Katy I know the feeling, the same weather here in Ohio... I take vitamin D all winter long, I found it has helped me so much with the winter time blues... I have a horrible time with blahness (is that word lol)... my doctor suggested it last year and I have been on it since then, stop it during summer and back on it in the fall...maybe something you may want to look into..I am a homebody and stay busy as well with crafting and home making... winer time I become a hermit which isn't good at times for my mood either.. I am thankful for my blogging friends... this weekend we change the clocks, that makes it worse...I dread it getting dark at 5:00 pm yuck...
    Have a good evening... may the sunshine soon...

  2. I LOVE that hat! How adorable! You did a great job!!

  3. Katy, do you have a pattern you can share for the flower? I'd love to be able to make some for embellishments! Also, are you on Pinterest?

  4. That hat is so precious, you did a great job! Glad to hear that you were all out of harms way of the storm. I hope you get some sunshine soon too! It's hard when it's gloomy out and your mood tends to follow in that direction also.
    Just remember as your praying throughout your day that his word states O Lord, is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalms 119:105
    I hope you have a great weekend!
    Many Blessings,

  5. I am a sunshine gal myself. I like a cozy rain/snow day now and then, but I crave the sun. Something about it just lifts my spirit.

    That had is adorable!

    I hope you see some sun soon!

  6. The hat is really pretty! (:
    Nice job Katy ~


  7. Hey Katy! I'm with you on the dreary PA days! Keep your chin up! The sun's actually supposed to shine tomorrow! I already struggle with depression and anxiety disorder so the winter months are always very difficult for me. I'm thinking about purchasing a light therapy box. I have been told that they are helpful with seasonal affective disorder. Have a blessed day!

  8. What a cute hat!! I used to have a hard time through the winter months..with the cold, dreary, short days. My Dr suggested I start taking vitamin D during the winter and it made a huge difference with me. Have a wonderful day and weekend!! (I'm glad you all made it through Sandy okay!!)

  9. Hi Katy! It was nice meeting you this weekend and I just wanted to say that the darling hat was perfect on our little middle princess. She wore it quite a lot while we were there, even around the house! What a special gift.


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