Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What to do on a rainy day....

My old memory journal is almost filled up...and will probably *be* finished by the time I post this! I got a new sketch book to start filling up with pictures, magazine cut outs, and my children's artwork! You can find other posts about my memory journals HERE.

It's a wonderful project to do when it is cold and rainy outside (like it was in our neck of the woods last Saturday)...

I also spent time planning each of my children's upcoming school weeks...

While doing some dusting...I also did a bit of rearranging. I'm not sure if things will stay where they are or not at this point. That's the fun of homemaking...you get to move things, improve their function and try making things pleasing to the eye!

And when the rain stops, "sword" fights begin (until mama makes them stop, right after this picture was taken!)...

Schooling continues on each morning during the week...

Jaxson is wearing a hat he made on Sunday...doesn't he remind you of one of those monkeys that dance when a guy plays a music box? ;)

Jaxson, reading with Madelyn...

I hope *you* are enjoying your rainy days too! And, if you aren't enjoying them per se, I hope you are able to get a lot accomplished with your time stuck in-doors! :)



  1. Miss Madelyn's hat is really cute! Did you knit that one? Have a blessed day, Katy! ~Kelly in MN

    1. Nope, I didn't make that one...another lady did..but it *is* cute! :) Hope you (and everyone else who reads this) have a great day too!!! :)

  2. That monkey is what I thought of when I saw the picture of Jaxson. No rainy days here yet this week. The sun is shinning and the temperatures are mild. It makes for great cleaning weather!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. Your memory journal is just lovely! What a wonderful idea. And it looks like schooling is going well! Have a blessed week ahead ~

  4. I plan to one day start a memory journal and keep up with it...I have started them in the past and set them aside...as I do many projects..I must learn not to do that :) Yours are lovely,and so is your housekeeping..I find it is fun to putter around the house from time to time,moving this and that until it feels just right :) Blessings Katy

  5. I can't wait for the rain to come, it seems like it has been forever since it rained here. San Diego is Dull when it comes to weather..Don't get me wrong, I love the Warm Sun, but it's nice to cuddle up inside and listen to the beauty of the rain every now and then.

    God Bless,
    -Ashlee Michelle

  6. Love the idea of a memory journal.

  7. No rainy days here either, but am enjoying the cooler weather.

  8. Lovely photos.
    Love the idea of a memory journal.
    No rain here, but there is a chill in the air.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  9. Katy, would you share the planners that you are using individually for the kids weekly schedules, when you post on this. I will be excited to see how you plan. I love how Madelyn Is such a helper with the boys and reads with them. I like your scrap journal. I have tried to make these and really enjoy it. I need to practice the beautiful habit of consistency! Angelia in Tx

    1. Sure! I will try to do this soon. They are just for their homeschool days...but I will share it when I can. :) I think I have posted on it before...but I can again!


    2. Oh thank you! I was curious the kind of planner they were. I noticed how you have one for each child and really like that concept of individual planners to record their individual needs. Blessings upon you, Angelia

  10. I love Madelyn's and Jaxson's hats!! I really like your journals!!! A long time ago, I saw an idea similar to this but doing one for each child. I have done this through the years, but I don't write in them as often as I'd like....I got a couple out today and I'm planning on working on them...just notes of what we/they do each day, special memories, a special piece of their artwork, a scripture I want to share with them...and cut out pictures to make it more fun and decorative. I'm not for sure when I will give them 'their' notebooks....maybe when they marry?!? :) Have a blesses day!


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