Thursday, September 6, 2012

The most important things in your home...

...are people.
~Amish Proverb

Just a post of random photos taken over the past few days. Some of the important people in my home....and some other pictures just for fun! ;) 

Some moments during our homeschool days...



Jaxson's cars in a "no parking zone" (don't worry, they didn't get towed!) ;)....

Some creations by Jaxson...

A clock....

He even made it to stand upright...

A boat (which he was quite sad as it sank during his bath last night)...

There was even a little person on the boat (don't worry, he swam to shore when the boat sank)...

Some hard boiled eggs from our chickens (Don't worry...I hard boiled them...they didn't come out of the chickens that way...although wouldn't that be neat ~ to have chickens that layed hard boiled eggs!?!)  **(I used to put an H on our hard boiled eggs to designate them from regular eggs...but then I saw someone's idea of the smiley face on top and found that to be a much cuter idea so I adopted it!)**...

Candles lit in the house at night...

Penny and Pearl, enjoying an evening snack (usually Penny is tied out and Pearl stays around her...this night Penny wasn't hooked up properly ~ as she is *such* a stinker about I have posted before)...

It was time to put the goats to bed for the night...Pearl isn't a problem...but oh, that Penny...she is such a booger! (My children are playing and doing cart wheels)...

My Christopher (sweet, exhausted man that he was after spending his whole Labor Day splitting wood) helped us with Penny. Normally, I do it....but after seeing him try to help, I couldn't resist getting out the camera...Penny is so frustrating...but hilarious too! (Notice below, Chris is trying to bribe her along with wasn't working!) **and, I just want to mention, Chris is in his messy, horrible, nasty work clothes...thus the dirt and holes that are obvious! ;) He's such a good, hard-working man!

More cartwheels...

My littlest warrior...

A random bathroom I just love things in their place (even towels ~ fresh off the line)! ;) AND...notice that white grate to the right of the photo? I have sanded it and spray painted it flat black. It is drying as I type! I have 75% of the carpet ripped up in there (as I truly can't stand carpet in bathrooms and kitchens)...but the rest is under our claw foot tub and not easily ripped up without help!

Okay...and I know this is random...but here is a recent photo of me. I have lost a total of 34 pounds so far and I have lost my extra cheek and chin chub! :) I still have about 40 pounds to go before meeting my goal...but I am definitely on my way! I am still spinning at least three times a week (sometimes four), watching my food intake and also staying active at home (reel mowing, wood stacking, resistance band exercises etc.) How are *you* doing??? that is a little update from me. I hope you are each doing well. Thanks for coming by! :)



  1. Congratulations on all that weightless! So inspiring! Those silly little goats:) makes me smile:)

  2. You look great!!! That science activity looks that Considering God's Crearion? We did that a few years back!! :).

  3. I love the Amish daughter bought me a book of them for my birthday in August...I have really enjoyed reading through them....congratulations on your weight lost...I too have been working toward that,but exercise is very difficult for me. Your picture is very nice...and I always enjoy seeing pictures from your home life...blessings

  4. Hi Katy,

    Thanks for the giggle tonight. That Penny is something. Congrats on getting healthier, you look great! Thanks for sharing the pics from around your house!

  5. You look beautiful. I've got to get busy on it myself.

  6. Hi Katy, Lovely post!
    The childrens science projects looks fun.
    Well done on the weight loss, you look great.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  7. Well congratulations on the wonderful weight loss and healthier living, I need to get myself motivated as well... The children are growing so fast, and so are your other "kids" lol.... Love all your post have a wonderful blessed weekend..
    Prim Blessings

  8. Love seeing the going ons in your home! :) Congratulations on 34 lbs lost! :)

    Have a great weekend, Katy!


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