Sunday, September 30, 2012

The 2012 Fall Festival!

My inlaws' 9th annual fall festival was held yesterday. After days of rain, we were blessed with beautiful weather ~ such an answer to prayer! The only downfall was that the ground was pretty muddy. 

We started selling homemade (on the spot) donuts and fresh cut fries. My mom did that for my inlaws so I helped her (she prepared food while I attended to the customers). Oh all smelled wonderful...but I didn't eat any...not one bite! :o)

So I was busy most of the day there while other family and friends were busy helping in other the end of the day, we were all ready to *drop*! I think everything was a success though! We sold out of chicken dinners (which they sell down in front of the meat market...) and donuts...and the fresh-cut fries were a *huge* hit! 

Here's a look at the lines of vendors...

I took my knitted items and set them out...but I didn't sell any. That's okay though! :)

See, in the photo below, you can see my lunch bag down in the right corner (with the flowers on it). I take it most places with me if I am going to away from home during meal time. I always pack my own food so I don't get tempted with other things!


Some of the pumpkins my mom and sister painted and sold at the festival (there were more, but I didn't have time to really take many photos until the end)...

The few mums left over at the end of the day (all the rest were sold!)...

Below is my Christopher (in the maroon shirt) talking to our pastor (he and his family all came to enjoy the festival!) and to the right side of the photo are our friends Rob and Chris. They (out of Christian love and kindness) came and helped us most of the day. They did all kinds of work...helping wherever they were needed and we are just so thankful for them. Good friends are such a blessing!

Madelyn helped some, at the stand where mom and I were working. Here she is, making change (such a great real-life learning experience ~ do you think I could count it as a school day? hehe!)...

They were letting the children sing if they wanted to, during the festival, and to my surprise, Xavier stepped right up! There he is, in the green shirt, singing. That's Jaxson in the tie-dyed blue shirt, hanging on the rope, laughing! ;)

My pictures aren't great...because as I said, I was super busy and didn't have time to really get some good photos. Eloise, my niece, was there too...and I thought I had gotten a photo of her...but I didn't :(. I know my sister took some though. Hopefully she will post them on her blog! She was her ever-so-cute-self!

Thanks for coming by...and thank-you to everyone who stopped by the festival yesterday!!



  1. So nice te weather turned sunny for you and the festival was a success! And great job not eating how you are cheerfully committed to your health!!!

  2. oh merveilleuses vos photos !
    bisous de FRANCE

  3. If I had been there, I guarantee you I would have purchased some of your knitted items!
    Looks like it was a lovely day and that everyone was having a nice time.

  4. I agree I would love to purchase some of your knitted items. I love that kind of stuff and I can't knit;( I should put it on Etsy or blog. Looks like a fun time had by all. I love fall:)

  5. Oh my looks like a wonderful time. You better get some rest, but really how did you not taste the home made french fries?

    1. They smelled absolutely wonderful...but I'm on a journey of health...and they don't quite fit in my journey! ;)

  6. you can totally count this as a learning experience and a "school day"! I would! Looks like lots of fun!

  7. Katy, I want to praise you for the awesome will power you have, there is no way I would of been able to pass up tasting homemade donuts... Oh my gosh good for you girl....
    surely looked like fun that is for sure..

  8. Looks like a fun, successful day!

  9. It looks like a wonderful time!!! Katy your discipline is really unbelievable!!!I am pretty sure I would gain weight just smelling homemade fries and donuts!!! :) You are really doing great!!

    1. Thank you! Truly, it is **ONLY** by the grace of God I am able to do this. He is my strength, for on my own I can't do it. He keeps it in my head that I want to continue to move forward on this journey of health...the taste of one little fry isn't worth the disappointment I would feel with myself if I ate one! :) Plus, as I found out yesterday morning when I weighed...I have lost 40 lbs in 4 months! I am pretty excited and give God all the glory...He is so good! :)


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