Friday, September 14, 2012

My Personal Planner

**I need to put a bit of a disclaimer here...some of my photos are blurry and just not the best. Sometimes it is hard to tell when I take them on my camera...I notice when I upload them and sometimes, I just don't re-take new ones. I'm sorry! I hope these are all okay!**

Here is my personal planner. It is from DayTimer (and you can find one on Amazon HERE). However, the insides are different...which I will talk more about below.


These are the week per two pages 2012 planner that I have...while it has always worked for me, I decided I would prefer having a day per page instead for 2013.

So, for the upcoming year, I got the Franklin Covey Classic Blooms One-Page-Per-Day planner (which you can find HERE)...

It has a place for a to-do check list, times and appointments and then important notes on the bottom of each page. I think it will better organize my plans.

In the back is a notepad (that I don't really use much...but it's nice to have it there, just in case!)...

One feature that I love (which is not well pictured here, sorry!) is that it has two pen holders! This is great for me as I like writing in pen *and* pencil in my planner. So I keep a pen on one side (the one you see in the pic above was from a set that Xavier bought me for my birthday...isn't he such a sweetie?) and I keep a clicky (my name for "mechanical") pencil on the other side!

Also in my planner I have a sticky note portfolio tucked into a pocket on the side...

These are little sticky notes with scripture on them. I love the soft colors too!

So...there you have it! :) I have always been a "daily planner" type of person. Even in high school, I needed to keep my assignments written down in a planner. I also keep all my planners that I have used up. I just can't seem to throw them away! ;)

If you have any questions about my planner or anything, put them in the comments (or email) and I will respond! How do you organize your time?



  1. I, too, keep a Homemaking Planner - but use a three ring binder. It's so nice to have one place to keep it all in, isn't it? Your planner is just lovely (the calendar pages are beautiful!) Have a wonderful weekend~

    1. Hello Emily Fay :)

      I keep a homemaking binder as well....this planner is just my personal planner...a day-to-day organizer for me. My homemaking binder is much bigger! ;)

  2. I also love to keep organized. Cant resist a pretty planner!
    Lovely Blog. I look forward to seeing your post.
    Blessings Roxy

  3. I have always, since I was 14ish, kept a planner! I have a blog, that I don't have time for anymore, that I wrote about it....
    For the upcoming year I switched over to a one page per day too, also from Franklin Covey..I think in the same design lol.

  4. I use planners too:) its satisfying to be able to cross things off:)


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