Monday, September 10, 2012

My Basket

Good morning! It's a bright, sun-shiny, cheerful Monday morning! It's *much* cooler today than it has been lately (I'm sitting in a zip-up sweater hoodie right now!). Fall is right on our door step and I am thrilled about it! I am truly looking forward to the changing leaves, pumpkins, crisp cool air and that *scent of autumn* know, that sweet smell in the air that is absolutely blissful?

Schooling is being done and while Xavier takes some time to read a story in his reader, I wanted to post this quick, fast and in a hurry! ;)

So...on to why I posted today. I am sharing my basket of often used items. These are things that I would have out on the table or in the way during the day. Having them in a basket keeps them neat, contained and easily hidden if company arrives.

The first thing you will notice is my planner in the front. I plan on doing an entire post on my planner sometime soon (so you can see how I organize it and put it to good use). My new memory journal is in the back there...I have an upcoming post on that soon. (There's hand lotion on the side, as well)...

Next in line is a current read, Knowing Scripture by RC Sproul (I am also continuing to read Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth...but it is up on my nightstand beside my bed)...

Then you will find my much-loved Bibles...

And Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon which gets read daily...morsels from a Godly preacher full of wisdom...

And lastly, my pencil box...

It keeps some things I use often: flags, sticky notes, highlighters, pens, pencils etc...

So, there you have it. Just an idea that works for me that may work for you too. :) Soon, I will post about my planner organization (if anyone is interested) and some other home posts. 

I gotta run! Lots to do today! 
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  1. I love the idea of a little box with all my stuff that I use. I often keep that at my desk so I sometimes have to interrupt my readings. Neat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a basket that keep my books, Bible, magazines and notebooks in. Sadly it doesn't look as neat as yours. It seems to be overflowing most of the time! I like the idea of a pencil box. I think I have an extra one and just might tackle that area after lunch.

    May you day be filled with joy and contentment!

  3. I Love this. I used to have a box like that with my daily stuff in it..(IE, My Bible, My Journal, a planner..) but then I moved and everything got a little jumbled together and I have been trying to finish off the big things before the small things. But I need to put a new basket together, even if it's a little one :)


  4. I love this too. I can't wait to here about your planner organization. I love being organized and feel that my home runs so much better.

  5. I do something simliiar. For me, it's a basket in the dining room and a section of shelving inside my pantry in the kitchen, which is where we school most of the time. It gives me a sense of organization and a place where I can quickly put things away and have my countertops tidy. Otherwise, everything gathers there!

    Fall is at our doorstep too. Jason pulled ut my fall tub of decorations and I hope to get to it later today! Yay!


  6. Isn't today perfect? I love this weather! We opened the windows yesterday, I loved feeling the crisp air this morning! I got the Almost Amish book Saturday, I am sure I will have it finished by tonight. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be, but it is still pretty good. I will pass it on for others to read. I like your basket. I have a small bookshelf next to our sofa with our bibles, journals (each one of my boys has one and journals after his bible reading for the day) and the current books we are reading. It is nice to have it all together!

  7. Hi Katy, love your basket idea. I will have to do something with my most used things...this gives me an idea. Hope you don't mind my using it! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your nice weather!

  8. I love baskets, binders, books and your idea! I have a basket tote that I use for my kids but never thought momma could use one too! And I sure can! Best of all I loooove the pencil box for Momma! I actually have a spare pencil box waiting to get my name on it! I am really enjoying your post on order, your planners and journals, thank you for sharing these things, it is very helpful and inspires me for things I am thinking on (and need help with) Also, I am admiring how you keep on track by being consistent and weekly working on the kids schooling plans. I have needed to see a Titus 2 woman's plans in actions like this. Thank you thank you thank you... You have blessed me, Angelia in Tx


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