Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just For Fun: *My Desk*

I thought it would be fun to post some photos of *my* desk. I like stuff like that...if you find that boring...you may want to skip this post! ;) 

First, here are a couple pretty pictures of our schoolroom from the outside, in the evening (I love the soft glow of the lights in there)...

Right inside this window is my desk...

My desk, from the inside...

My laptop isn't in here because this room can get too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. A little closer look-see...

The card is from my niece, Eloise. It's a thank-you note! ;) I have a delicious-smelling Woodwick candle there...some spray (to wash off my chalkboard labels when needed) and a box which separates pens, pencils, rulers and scissors into different squares. To the left you can see a Window Stars book from my friend, Kelly (as she knows how much I like making those!)...and also a Managers of Their Schools manual.

 Also on my desk, I keep my homemaking binder...

...and my homeschooling binder...

Hanging on my chair is my tote (which was a gift from a secret prayer sister a couple years ago) which will carry my homeschooling binder and daily planner and such when we go on outings (like our homeschooling co-op days)....

And here is a cupboard near my desk...organized and put to good use!

My desk area isn't overly fancy...but it serves its purpose well. I love old things and my old desk is a perfect spot for me to get things done. It easily keeps all my "office/school supplies" organized too. Do you have a desk? I would love to see it! If you do a post on it, please share your link in a comment and I will stop by and visit (and maybe others will too)!



  1. Very refreshing spot.

  2. Love your desk, I especially love old furniture. I would take a picture of my desk, but it has alot of paperwork on it and isn't to pretty. I love the stars on your windows and how they are especially beautiful at night. Love the binder idea for homemaking.

  3. Love simple post like these. These little peeks in your home are inspirational. I love the glow through the windows, it looks so peaceful.

  4. It looks so inviting and well organized.

  5. Everything looks so neat and tidy. :) I love how you face the window when sitting at your desk. It lifts me up to be able to see outside. Thanks for sharing... I enjoy this kind of post.

    Enjoy your evening!

  6. As school continues we have reorganized my desk for Sams school use. My sewing machine was relocated for now. Looking for a table for extra work space on the other side of the room for me the teacher. I have the chalkboard baskets to for Sams binders. I love having him with me. There was no way I could send him back to school so soon. I like old furniture to. Such a refreshing view out looking your desk. Natures beauty to behold. Blessings!

  7. Love it. Looks like a nice relaxing spot and so cozy with the soft glow and window stars!

  8. Lovely post.
    I love the view into, and out of your window!!
    Your desk is beautiful, and is in the perfect position. And you are so organised, a place for everything and everything in its place!!
    Hope the childrens schooling is going well, my two children start back to school this week.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  9. I like it! The photos of your room from the outside are lovely!

    My desk is smaller and right now a mess but I will try to post about it soon!


  10. Hi Katy--Just wanted to let you know that the Maxwell Family is putting on an Encouragement for the Homeschool Family in your neck of the woods(a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa.) on Sept. 28 and 29--I couldn't help but notice their book--Managers of Their Schools on your lovely desk area--and by the way I love your home pics-they really bless me--I especially like your kitchen pics which I know you want to remodel but I think is charming the way it is but of course I love red!!! Anyhoo-- they do a wonderful conference--you and your hubby would be greatly blessed--even Madelyn would benefit from their young adult workshops. Check out the details at their web-site www.titus2.com---peruse the workshop sessions and I think you'll be excited as I am. Let me know if you're coming--I'd love to say Hi.(I'm a long time reader and number one fan of your blog). Please also pass the word along--if you know anybody else that might be interested. Thanks, Maureen-- Also, the conference is wonderful for all Christan families even if you're not homeschooling!

  11. I love your window stars!!!!....and your desk!

    Blessings to you!

  12. I saw this nice blog from you over the desk with a blog friend Dieneke :) It's so nice to have your own place! I actually just a bookshelf, but still go see if I can achieve something, thanks! greetings, Tineke


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