Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Neatly Fold Your Towels!

Yes, I know you may be shocked...but here is a second post for today! It's super short and falls right in line with *organization* with my recipe binder post that I posted earlier today! :) 

I have always folded towels the way my mom taught me. It's a very neat and nice method...however, I often hang our towels out on the line and then, when trying to fold them, they don't always fold very neatly. I came across a video on a different way to fold towels (like they do in department stores) and I really like it. It looks nice and neat on the shelves and also saves space!

Even when I hang the towels on the clothesline, they fold up neatly. I love that! So I thought I would share the video with you, in case you would like to see how it is done! You can find it HERE. :)

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  1. That's so neat! Thank you for sharing! I am going to try this. :) Have a blessed day~

  2. I am going to try this; I fold mine in hald and than in thirds. Your way looks like it would take up less space in my linen closet. Now, if only I could master the skill of folding fitted sheets....... :)


  3. * half * then

    Feels like a Monday.....


  4. Thank you for sharing!! I just went and refolded all of my towels :)

  5. Thank you Katy i watched the video,our towels will never be the same again...thankfully! Best wishes jackie x

  6. Katy thanks for posting this video, I had to smile cause that video showed how I fold mine. Never knew that stores do this. Thanks for the info. I have booked marked a few other of her videos I want to watch. Again thanks.

  7. Thank you, Katy! I am going to try this.
    I agree with Sandy, I wish that I could master fitted sheets!


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