Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Tears to Smiles

I posted yesterday about my overwhelming home improvement fiasco (that I got myself into). A great big thank-you to each of you who left a supportive, loving, encouraging comment. I truly appreciated each one and am thankful that God used you to provide some comfort to me while I was stressing.

Thankfully, Chris got home from work and (sweetie that he is, truly) began immediately (before he even took his coat off!!!) figuring out how to disconnect the ice maker hose from the fridge. We, then, got the fridge moved and out from the middle of the floor! Whew! That was such a relief to me! (It is strange for all of us ~ getting used to the fridge being in a different spot!) After supper, he even painted on the primer high up on the walls where I couldn't reach (we have 9 foot ceilings). He hates to paint...so he was such a hero for me yesterday (although, he usually is...such a gift he is to me!).

Today after schooling was done, I began trying to hang some wallpaper. The wallpaper was still in the packaging but was a hand-me-down from my aunt years ago. I worked on hanging it and it did *not* cooperate. It was pre-pasted paper...but it didn't stick well at all. Finally, I called my mom and asked her what to do...she suggested that it wasn't working well if the glue wasn't sticking. So, I took it down...

I had a roll of paper that I had purchased a year ago or so and thought I would give it a try instead. The glue was *much* better on it and it is hanging perfectly!!! I am thrilled!

Now, I know the paper doesn't *really* go with the red/white of my kitchen...however, once the dishwasher is put in and things are finished, I think it will be okay for now. It's giving the walls a bit of a country look to them and I love it. It will warm it up in there! :o)

Chris is going to help me get up high with the ladder when he gets home from work in a bit...

Goings-on during the day...

As fall sets in, temps are a lot chillier! We haven't lit the wood stove yet, so we all enjoy time snuggling in the fleece blankets...

The boys (above) and Madelyn, snuggled in blankets, watching a movie...

Madelyn picked flowers and arranged them to add a bit of the out-doors in the kitchen...

Candles were lit all day...we (at least *I* enjoyed them...not sure if the children care one way or the other!) enjoyed their glow and the glorious fall scents they filled the air with!

Although supper is now in the oven, awaiting Chris's arrival home (from work)...here is a picture of the process of preparing it! We are having lasagna tonight ~ yum! I spun for 55 minutes this morning and have enough calories left for the day to have a piece too! :)

Lowe's called...our dishwasher is in! I asked if they could deliver it sooner than Friday...the lady said she would check and get back to me! It's okay if I have to wait...we still need to figure out how we are going to buy/make a butcher block type counter to go on top of it before we can actually start using it anyway. I just get excited over things! ;)

I will post an update of my kitchen once things are set in place! :)
Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope this post is much more cheery than my last one!



  1. I have the same wallpaper in my living room! Just a thought incase you can't wait to get rid of the red countertops. Did you know that you can order a roll of the countertop laminate? Chuck ordered it in the length we needed to resurface my countertops a few years ago. (from Menards) All he had to do was cut it to size and glue it overtop our existing countertop. Much cheaper then a new counter. Just a thought. Looking forward to seeing the changes in your kitchen.

  2. Was going to let you know if you don't already know, Walmart has some really cute country/primitive wall paper in their paint section. I seen it just the other day and couldn't believe they carried it. I loved it and I think it would be right up your ally! Just thought I would share. :)

  3. You have a beautiful home Katy. It's so warm & peaceful. I am glad everything is sorted out with your fridge. Hopefully Lowe's can deliver it sooner so you can fill that empty hole. I bet it will be nice to have your kitchen back to normal.

    Hope your weight loss is going well. What site do you use to keep a track of the calories you eat? And I wanted to know how have you changed your eating habits? What do you eat more of now?

  4. I am so glad that today went better for you! I love your new wallpaper! You have an eye for decorating!!...and by Madelyn's bouquets it looks like she's going to be just like her momma! Having a butcher block on top of your dishwasher will be wonderful...any additional counter space is always welcome in a kitchen. :)

  5. loving your changes, hope each one will be a blessing to you, the flower bouquets are lovely!

  6. So glad your kitchen is coming together. I have a portable dishwasher but I'm not using it right now and I miss it. I have a small kitchen so I'm using a small table in it. Very handy for after school eating for my granddaughter. I also was wondering about your weight loss plan. What are you eating or not eating?

  7. I was hoping you got your frig. out of the middle of the kitchen. But I kinda laughed as when I wanna do something it's like NOW. Hurray for our hubbies to the rescue!
    Blessings, Roxy

  8. Oh I just love it! The flowers the wallpaper that doesn't match and yet.... It does!! So cool!! I love your cozy candle glow and your thankful spirit. I bought an apple cider scented candle for my home (we moved 4 months ago... Or is it 5 now?) the scent filled the whole house and wasn't overpowering. Such cozy comfort. Think I will lightly now as I clean up that space before I head to bed

  9. I have no idea how close you are to an Ikea store, but I know they have butcher block type counter tops which according to my friend (who just re-did their fixer-uppers kitchen) is "dirt cheap". Might be worth looking into!

    (here's a link http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10146525/ )

  10. Yay for our sweet hubbies who always save the day!!!! I am so thankful that my husband is so handy around the house. I always know that I can count on him to fix things (even things that I mess up in all of my excitement and good intentions!) I am also enjoying lighting candles. I always light one early in the morning while I'm doing my Bible study and let them burn through the day. It always makes it feel more cozy! Have a blessed day, Katy!

  11. Glad you're smiling now, Katy! What a blessing our hubbies are! Jason has sweeped in and saved the day for me many times and I'm so thankful too!

    Your dishwasher and makeover will be wonderful! Just in time for fall and Christmas...... :)


  12. Glad you are feeling better today!

    The wallpaper is cute! And it is better than being frustrated with the other paper!


  13. Good Morning Katy, I know your project will be done beautifully. Your Husband is very handy around the house. Waiting to see the finished installation! Katy, will you please visit us today and pay respect to a Sister blogger? It would mean so much to her family. Thank You!

  14. I love your wallpaper, it really does say country :)

    Can't wait to see how you put it all together once the dishwasher is in :)

    Have a wonderful Thursday,

  15. Katy,
    Here is an idea for you countertops if you are trying to do it on a budget. My mom did it and it looks lovely. I'm not sure how well it wears as she is living alone and doesn't have the wear and tear we do raising a family! :)

    Ken and I covered our old countertop with tiles. That was cheaper then a new counter, but the grout does get dirty very fast. :(

    Your home is lovely!
    I know about being impatient at times. I moved furniture around in my den by myself and scratched up the laminate floors.
    Oh, well I just told myself it helped the house look more rustic!

    1. OOOps, I forgot to give you the link:



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