Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little Candlelight...

Fall is slowly weaving it's way into our days...the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter! It is perfect candlelight weather!

I love the warm, cozy glow from the candles in the evenings...

I also love the beautiful aromas that come from them. I definitely think fall scents are my favorite!

A little randomness...

Jaxson had a tea party with some of his babies the other day. He had fun and it was too cute for me not to photograph! 

And I was thinking how in all my photos, you can't tell how long my hair is. (Since I cut most of it off years ago, to get all the damaged hair off, it is now so much healthier and strong! In previous years, I had dyed it from time-to-time and used flat irons to straighten it. That damaged my hair terribly). It's now down to the middle of my back and I am so glad!....

Tomorrow (Monday) is the first day of our homeschool co-op year. We are all a little nervous and excited about it. I will still go to spin class early in the morning...then we (the children and I) will have breakfast, prayer and catechism together (We are not Catholic. The term catechism simply means teaching basic principles of Christianity in question and answer form. We use THIS book to do that. Every Christian family should be catechizing and discipling their children daily.).

We will then head to the church, in the next town over, where the co-op is held. :) It will last into the afternoon. I am all prepared...clothes are set out for tomorrow...showers/baths are being had as I type and lunch boxes are out and ready to be packed. :) I am looking forward to it (and I know the children are too)...but nervous since I am not 100% sure how this all is going to work!

Thanks for stopping by! Just a simple post today...I hope you each are doing well! Thanks so much for your always kind, thoughtful and encouraging comments. Although I don't comment back on each one, please know that I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit and write to me!

Have a beautiful, joy-filled week ahead!



  1. Hi Katy...I am sure everything will just work out fine. It will be a wonderful day. You look so pretty and I had no idea your hair was actually that long.. It looks so healthy and that is coming from a hairdresser - me! My husband and I owned a big hairstyling shop in our town for many years. Anyways, I will say a couple of prayers about tomorrow for you and the children. Take care and God bless.......

  2. Hi Katy ~ I, too, am sure you will have a great day tomorrow. You have such a wonderful attitude about things and your children are absolutely delightful, so I'm sure your day will turn out to be really special. Your hair is just beautiful. I love the curl and the length and the main thing I wanted to mention is that your face looks so much *thinner* ~ I could really tell it in this picture. Isn't it exciting to lose so much weight that people can really see a difference....that's always been exciting and encouraging for me. Take care and I will say a prayer for you and the children for tomorrow as well. Hugs, Joyce

  3. YOU look fabulous Katy. I too love the fall scented candles, spiced pumpkin is my favorite and I burn it all the time. I love candles and a clean house just makes me happy:) You will do fine at the coop and I can't wait to here about it.

  4. I share your love of candles. I got some fall scented candles and had them going all weekend. So nice.
    You hair is beautiful. I love the curls.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I Love Candles, they have a way of calming and relaxing not just the mood but your inner-self. Like there is no world outside, but inside is your own little serenity..Especially when you have a scent that is so relaxing. Fall Scents are the Best. :)

    Thank the Lord for Candles and a Sense of Calming..

  6. Love anything to do with fall including candles. Hope yalls first day of school was a great one:)

  7. I hope you enjoyed going to your Co-op! We just started going to one last year, and I wish that we had started going when the kids were little. We now have one that's graduated and 2 in high school this year. They have all really loved it, and we've been blessed by all the great friendships we've made in such a short time. We'll be sure to keep you and your kiddos in our thoughts and prayers as we go to ours on Mondays too. GOD BLESS!


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