Sunday, August 26, 2012

What you do in your house.... worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow.
~ Martin Luther

Wheresoever we be, whatsoever we are doing, in all our work, in our busy daily life, in all schemes and undertakings, in public trusts, and in private retreats, He is with us, and all we do is spread before Him. Do it, then, as to the Lord. Let the thought of His eye unseen be the motive of your acts and words. Do nothing you would not have Him see. Say nothing which you would not have said before His visible presence. This is to do all in His name.
~ Henry Edward Manning

I find such joy in a well-kept, organized home. As I have shared in past posts, I have been scurrying around the past few weeks getting my home organized. In the past, I would get different areas organized...but never try to accomplish getting *everything* organized and ordered. Now, I am doing just that! It truly feels wonderful. When I need an important document for something, I don't need to rush around searching through papers and panicking that I won't find it. This helps me stay less frazzled with my family and helps me to be a better wife and mother. My husband and children can have complete confidence that I am working diligently to care for them in the *best* way I can.

When I look at God's creation, I truly believe He is a God of order. The only parts of this material world that are disorderly and chaotic are the result of sin...beginning with that first sin in the garden of Eden. Think with me, if you will, of all the scientific facts and laws (and absolute perfection) of how things work in this universe. I find that keeping our lives orderly brings peace. I'm not talking about rigid perfection...but rather working to do the best we can in our homes (taking joy in our roles as wives, mothers and home-makers!)...all to the glory of God.

My mom gave me an old china cupboard of hers. I really love it...but at this moment, I don't have room to have a cupboard that doesn't have a much-needed purpose in my home. So this cupboard was given a's my new pantry! It works wonderfully! The next photo has a reflection of my laundry basket dresser in the there is another photo below it that is a bit better!

It has a drawer that I utilize as well...

Some food organization....

We don't have closets in our all. Oh dear, it's terribly difficult to store anything! Chris and I have a large bedroom (which does not have an official floor down...yet) so it has become a bit of a storage room. I have been working at purging things and organizing the rest...

If you are finding your role as homemaker to be tiresome and mundane, make it your goal to turn it around. Find ways to improve organization in different areas. Things that will make life for everyone in your family a bit easier. (Think if your husband invites strangers/guests into your home at the last much more at ease would you be if things were kept tidy! You could focus on welcoming people and sharing your love for Jesus and your family!).

If your home happens to already be as organized as it could possibly be, bake or cook special things for your family. Deliver meals to others. Get creative with your children and make some window stars! Sit down and write notes to people who need encouragement. Play a game or read some books with your children. Start a craft (like knitting, crochet, or cross stitch!).

There is *much* a keeper at home can stay busy with! I encourage you to *daily* strive to do things that will bring more joy to your home. Let God use you to bless and serve your family. One way *I* am doing this is getting things organized (and teaching my children to aid in keeping them that way! What wonderful lessons they are learning from all this, as well!).

This evening, I am listening to a sermon by Paul Washer and getting things prepared for our first day of homeschooling (tomorrow) for this new school year. I am excited for it...and also anxious about it (which is probably silly of me to feel considering we have been homeschooling for years now!).
Thanks so much for coming by! I pray you are encouraged here today!



  1. I agree that if you find the role mundane or challenging.."turn it around". I did this myself this summer and it has refreshed our home and my passion.

  2. I needed to read this today! I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm not motivated to do much. =( BUT I need to get my self UP and AT EM'!!! Making an effort to get out of the dumps...right now..going to start on my dishes. =) Thank you.

  3. We started the charter school last week. Finding we still need to do even more organizing to make things flow better in our school area. It has not been easy since the loss of one of my children. As a mother I am trying to keep going. Blessings!

  4. Always working on organization! Sometimes it goes better than other times. Our bedroom often becomes the storage space for other 'stuff' - I sure like it when it doesn't have a bunch of stuff stored in it!

    Have a great first day of school. We are on our third week of easing into our school schedule. We are doing 8th,5th and 2nd this year!


  5. Oh Katy that cabinet is just so beautiful it must be such a joy to reach in there throughout the day! My goal for this year (as I don't do the resolution thing) was to become more organized and clean out the clutter. I have gotten so much more accomplished than I ever thought I would but in the process realized how much further we have to go! This fall my goal is to clean out and totally organize the attic - a job that is partially completed thanks to a very large yard sale we just had.

    We are also busily preparing for this upcoming school year, I'm just waiting on my new splurge planner to get here. I got The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia, well actually from CBD as it was only a few dollars more than the plain one I've always gotten from Staples. I hope that your new year is fun and exciting! We totally changed curriculum this year and went with My Father's World. I'm very excited to begin!!

  6. A comfortable dose of encouragment for the lady of the home today. Our God is indeed a God of order and when I think of this daily and how I manage my home it brings me a great amount of peace.

    So beautifully said Katy-as always. I have a good feeling that your husband has full confidence in you and lacks nothing of value.

    Warm wishes to a lovely start to your new school year friend!

  7. Happy, Blessed new homeschool year Katy!

    You wrote:
    If you are finding your role as homemaker to be tiresome and mundane, make it your goal to turn it around.

    I laughed because I can get so upset about things not being "perfect" according to my standards, which can be too ridiculously high. Lately, my kids have been singing to me,

    " When something seems bad, turn it around and find something good."
    Good advice from my little ones!


  8. I'm sure you will homeschool just fine and everything will fall into place Katy!!!
    I am trying to organize as well:) Our school year starts on the 4th


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