Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Home Organizing

As I mentioned previously in THIS post (and also THIS one), I have been organizing a lot! It is really helping me to truly feel ready to dive into our home education studies! It is possible to get un-organized quickly...however, if we all get into the routine of putting things *just* where they belong, I think being organized can become quite natural for us! I have always been a more organized person...but keeping everyone organized along with me was difficult for me (because I didn't reinforce keeping the organization up). 

We will be starting our school year next I am busily tending to last minute things around the house to get things as ready as possible. In addition to the areas I posted about before, I have organized more...

In the schoolroom...

The children's curriculum uses workbooks. Some subjects they have 10 workbooks and others, only 5. We are keeping the extra workbooks in these baskets. As one workbook is finished, a new one will be pulled out and the old will replace it in the basket...

In the cupboard, each child has their own box (which we used last year, as well). In it they keep all the current school workbooks and texts that they are using. On the other shelves are the teacher's manuals and answer keys...

A great-big-basket of yarn!

In the kitchen...

The container on the left of the counter holds our compost that gets taken out daily...

Books have been sorted through and organized, as well....

And, before I go...I wanted to share another *great* Goodwill find (I don't usually go to Goodwill twice in such a short amount of time, but when I was there the first time, I found out they were having a great sale on Saturday (I was able to get a bunch of shirts for the boys (at only $1 a piece) and a few skirts for Madelyn and me!). While there, I saw this fantastic hanging basket! It's so rustic and woodsy...I can't wait to put it to good use!

Jaxson got sick again, last night (we had a picnic out in the yard at our picnic table and my poor boy got sick). I am not quite sure what is going on. It doesn't seem to be a bug, because no one else is getting it and there were a few days of normal-ness in between him getting sick. The only common thing he had both times was ranch dressing. I can't see how he could be allergic to it though, as he has eaten (and loved) ranch dressing for years...? (My mom suggested that maybe the dressing was old...but it isn't and the other children ate it and didn't get sick.) He is feeling fine now, for the most part. He has been taking it easy (although he *really* wants to play). It's all quite odd. Has anyone else experienced this before? Any ideas as to what could be going on? I would love advice!



  1. Hey Katy,
    I'm sorry that Jaxson isn't feeling well again. One of our girls is more prone to being sick too. :-(
    I'm not really sure what it could be, but I can tell you that an allergy can develop at any time. People can become allergic to things that previously didn't cause a problem.
    I'm not sure that's really the cause, but something for you to know for future reference. :-)
    I do know that if I get overheated, I personally will become ill. Nausea, headache, even body aches. I've vomited because of being too hot as well, so that might be something to consider since he was outside--and I would figure that since he's all boy, he was probably playing prior to eating.
    I hope that Jaxson is feeling better quickly!

  2. My little one year old had that for 7 days. He got sick, had diarrhea and didn't really want to eat. They said it was some sort of bug going around. I hope Jaxson starts feeling better quickly.

  3. I was going to say the same thing, that people can develop allergies at any time. Poor Jaxson, I am sure he is tired of feeling sick. Your organized home looks great; I'm working on that project, too.

  4. Hello Katy! Your home looks lovely, so peaceful and comforting. Love the hanging basket! Praying Jaxson is feeling better soon!

  5. With the plastic in that basket, is it for plants? I like it!

    Sorry about Jax... definitely keep your eye on what he eats. Maybe even mark on your calendar the days he ate ranch dressing and got sick. If for some reason it happens again, you'll be glad you kept the info (if you have to go to the doc or something about it). Trust me... I know!

  6. Katy~ Great organizing, now come and do my home :) It needs organizing big time.... love all the pictures. I was sick a few weeks ago for about 2 weeks, didnt' know quite what it was but was kind of like the flu, had chills then fever, threw up a few times and had NO energy and just as quickly as it came about it was gone. I am still trying to get my energy back but I am still not 100% back to normal. I hate not feeling well. Praying Jax gets to feeling better soon. I know you mention having lots of books and was wondering if you like to read or have time to read christian fiction books, I love books about the amish lifestyle and really enjoy them. Have a great start to your schooling this coming week. Will be thinking of you and your kids throughout the week. Blessings,Joann

  7. HI just me again with a quick question, I absolutely love your paper towels, and I know this will sound probably kind of stupid but where did you buy them and what brand are they. I love paper towels with pretty prints on them but have had such a hard time finding any. I usually buy bounty but even that brand has not had the prettiest ones lately. Thanks, Joann

  8. Katy,

    Jaxson could have a food allergy. Keep a food log to find out. Find out if the ranch dressing has MSG in it. I get sick when ever I eat anything with MSG.

    Our son developed food allergies all of a sudden to milk and eggs he is 8 and has been pretty much off dairy and eggs for a year and a half. He is such a healthier boy now.

    I have really enjoyed your post about getting organized.

    Blessing to you,

  9. I wanted to agree with everyone that food allergies can develop anytime - suddenly I am now allergic to my age! Go figure!
    I have a little boy who can get sick at suppertime - headache and vomiting - if he hasn't eaten enough at lunch time. (He's very picky and turns his nose up at food the rest of the children are eating heartily. It's an issue we're working on!)Perhaps Jaxson has low blood sugar? Needs an afternoon snack?
    Hope you figure it all out soon!
    I'm getting ready to organize too. Thanks for the encouraging photos of your place!
    God bless!

  10. I heard a stomach virus is going around. And it lasts a while, so maybe your son was in the midst of it, feeling better, but then got upset again. I've heard of people in Delaware, lower Maryland, and eastern Pa. coming down with it just this past weekend. Just so it isn't that west nile virus, which would have more extreme symptoms, high fever for one. (Mosquitoes in my yard are awful!) My daughter works at a rite aid for the summer, and one co-worker had a very bad stomach-ache, no other symptoms..and sure enough my daughter gets one a day after, no other symptoms, but it lasted 5 days. I would've worried except there was no fever, plus the co-worker had it first. love,andrea

  11. Does he have any mosquito bites? I'm thinking West Nile Virus. I really hope the little guy feels better soon!

  12. Hi Katy,
    I wonder if maybe the ranch dressing didn't mix well with something he ate at dinner? Also, I know my girls don"t do well with eating certain things and being in the heat. I hope he feels better soon!

  13. So sorry Jaxson was sick again, bless his heart. Your organization looks great! Blessings

  14. Awesome Katy. Great work. Your kitchen is nice and cozy!


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