Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweet Smiles

Last week, the children and I went to my dad's garage to meet up with my sister and Eloise! Today, we get to see them again! I thought I better share some of my photos from last week before I get some other cute ones today! ;)

Xavier is my little hands-on builder. He made this wheel-lift for his tow-trike...

I pray that one day, God will use X's love for building and making things for His glory. Maybe he will build homes for those who don't have one....or help build churches in impoverished areas...? My heart soars at the possibilities. :)

The Squeezle eating lunch...

El and Madelyn ~ *best buddies*...

Jaxson, after a busy time at-play...riding trikes around the waiting room (if you look closely at his left can see how well it is healed!)...

A little helper...

Oh my...the Squeezle and these headphones...she was so funny with them! She wanted to wear I put them on her...

She would move them around, take them off, put them back on and this is how she ended up running around...

She's such a hoot!

They are coming to town, again, today (as I mentioned at the beginning of this post). We always look forward to visiting with them! The children will work on their schoolwork this morning before we need to head out. I will put a ham roast in the crock pot to slowly cook for the when we get home, all I need to do is make some potatoes and a veggie and supper will be ready!

We are winding down our homeschooling year...and we are all ready for the summer break. The local school nurse called, though, and I need to get proof of the children's updated shots, physicals and dental visits to the school. It's really not a huge deal, except the fact that it bothers me that the school/state are constantly on my toes. I am my children's parent...I don't need *big brother* making sure I am parenting correctly. It's really insulting. The parents who do the right things have to jump through all these hoops...while the parents who don't take care of their children end up falling through the cracks. Our country went from offering a free, public school education to everyone to then using the school system to monitor parents. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won't! ;)

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday! We definitely plan to!
Thank you for stopping by!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like you are having a lovely time ~ It would be so hard to have the school on my heals - we have a really relaxed state here so I don't have to worry. I agree with you whole heartedly that YOU are the parent and don't need them right on you! Have a blessed week ~

  2. It could also be that the school nurse is also looking at finishing up her year at school as well and is trying to tie up loose ends. Sometimes it helps to put ourselves in another person's shoes - I really don't think they are questioning your parenting abilities! I know I don't! But the thought that came to mind was that she has a big job and I don't know what all her role as school nurse entails. If it's tracking down records and such, I don't envy her one bit! That's a lot of people to be responsible for! And from my experiences working for the school district, the school nurses, in my book, are often like unsung heroes....they do so much for the children....I don't know that I could do their job! I'm certain, though, there could be a better system to handle it all. Just my thoughts....I sometimes tend to sit back and look at things from both sides. I understand your frustration with it, tho! Just hold on to the fact that you are doing what called you to do with your kiddos and the Lord will take care of what needs to get done....including that paperwork! :D

    1. Oh, I love the school nurses. They are sweet and kind. I apologize if I made it sound as though I was upset with her...she was doing her job. I get more frustrated with the school district as a whole and also the state. :)

  3. You're pictures are adorable! I grew up with cousins next door, and they really are just like siblings. My children do go to public school, but we only have to provide shots records. I am dumbfounded by the fact that the school district would require you to also provide dental and physical proof. Such an invasion. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dental records?! Do they request those of the children who attend public schools, also? Wild!!

    I don't know what state you are in, but Texas is a wonderful state to homeschool in--you are considered a private school, and have freedoms as such.

    And, no worries--it didn't sound like you were upset with the nurse! ;)

  5. Katy - Love the wheel-lift! Hey, I wanted to tell you that you can claim "religious exemption" on the medical forms with the school district. PA state law for homeschoolers. There is a form (google it) that you fill out and turn in to your school district. That's what I do. They may tell you that you have to turn that in (just like they'll tell you that they need a copy of your high school diploma when it's not even required by law.)

  6. Oh, and I used to work as a school nurse. And I still agree that it's none of their business! Why should they be concerned with children that aren't even in their buildings. I had to keep a file of homeschoolers from our school and that was all the further it went. Never looked at it or used it except to send notifications to those homeschooling parents who hadn't turned in documentation. Now that I'm on the other side, I totally think it's nothing they need to be concerned about. It's just red-tape.

  7. I'm confused as to why the local public school needs this information if your children do not attend the school. My kids GO to public school and they have only ever asked for their shot records and a physical if they are playing a sport.

    While I realize it is easier to just provide the information (it's what I would do) than argue about it, I would probably question why the administration of the school wouldn't want the nurse to spend her time focusing on the students that actually attend the school.

    Happier note, your pictures are adorable and Elise is getting so big!


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