Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Spring Happenings...

Our days have been absolutely beautiful here. We are all thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and comfortable temperatures. There has been a nice breeze which helps when it gets a bit hot outside. We have been staying busy finishing our school year, housework, gardening, playing (for the children), knitting (for me) and other things. Here's a little of what has been going on around here...

In the photo below, you can see a washboard I had won from the homestead drying racks blog. I asked Chris to hang it there for me and I am happy with how it looks!

Chris also put the fronts back on the top two drawers under the sink. When I got the new sink we had to take out those two drawers. So, now they are just decorative and *look* like drawers, when in all actuality they are not! With the new size and depth of the sink, I *had* to forfeit the two drawers. It was well worth it for me though!

Afternoon naps are a necessity some days when we're just *too* tired to keep our eyes open...

Madelyn and I enjoyed playing a game of Scrabble...

Ice cold lemonade is always enjoyed in warmer weather...

Fresh eggs from the *girls*...

Friday evening, we were invited to a friends' home to enjoy supper and fellowship with some of our friends. Chris enjoyed playing some basketball with some of the men-folk...

Jaxson tried rollerblading for the first time. I tried helping him, but it was quite difficult as he giggled so much, he couldn't focus on keeping his balance. Chris came over to help...

We enjoyed the evening with friends eating, talking, laughing. The children had fun playing with the other children in the sandbox, sprinkler and yard. I had taken some of my homemade caramel popcorn to share. It was enjoyed, as well as the rest of the delicious food everyone brought!

Monday, after working on some PA History, math, and astronomy, the children and I planned on going to the grocery store. Before getting ready to go, I talked to Ma (Chris's mom) on the phone and we agreed that we would work in the big garden together at her place. She said the kids could help her to begin with while I ran into the grocery store.

So later, after getting groceries, I picked the children up to come home and have lunch. When we were finished, we headed back to the garden and began measuring out and making rows so we could begin planting. Madelyn was a great helper...

Jaxson threw off his shoes, grabbed a digger truck and went running through the well-tilled dirt...

The horses and the mule on the other side of the garden enjoyed the nice weather too...

Madelyn helping to measure out rows...

Jaxson and Madelyn, planting onions...

Xavier, digging (which didn't help our gardening efforts at all...but was fun for the boys)...

So far, we got onions, radishes, carrots and peas planted at the big garden. We will also plant green beans, sweet corn and potatoes. Ma may plant some other things for her and Pa, too.

Back at home, in my raised garden bed, I was thrilled to see that some of my green beans are growing beautifully! I'm a bit concerned that I planted them too close together. I guess we'll see what happens!

Well, it is early Tuesday morning here...I've watched it go from dark to light outside. In about an hour, the rest of the house will begin to wake and the busy-ness of the day will officially begin! Chores and breakfast will be followed by devotions/catechism and schooling with the children. And then, Lord willing, the day will move on from there. :)

As always, I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me here. If you have asked a question in the comments, previously, and I never answered...I do apologize. I do *try* to answer them all...sometimes I forget. Please never take it personally...and always feel free to email me (thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com) or ask again in a comment.

Have a *wonderful* day!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Katy, how do you make your lemonade? (I'm guessing you don't use powdered mix from a can!) Love your blog! :)

    1. Actually, this *is* from a powder mix. I prefer using real lemons and sugar (I love the crunch in the lemonade! Unhealthy, I know!) ;). I don't usually buy a mix..but they were on sale and I thought it would be a nice treat and quite simple for these busy days! :)

  2. Lemonade is a warm weather staple here. We go through lots of it!

    I wouldn't worry about the green beans. They tend to be easy to grow and very forgiving. My garden is in and I am looking forward to enjoying some homegrown goodness.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Love the picture of Madelyn in the garden, she looks like she belongs in the Little House series :) Love it! It's so strange to see the difference in where your seasons are compared to ours. Our spring is always so short here in LA and now its already hot summer weather! I'll enjoy spring a little longer through your blog! lol Have a blessed day!

  4. Oh I have so enjoyed reading this post. It is just lovely to be given glimpses of your beautiful place. Thank you so much for sharing...

    And yes, ice cold lemonade is just the thing on a hot day :)


  5. What a blessed time you are having! We are enjoying warmer weather here too - so lots of time outside exploring nature. :) I LOVE the washerboard you won! How neat!!! We enjoy afternoon naps here too! lol And the garden looks wonderful! Have a lovely week ~

  6. I am an mother and a grandmother. I always enjoy reading your blog. Your blog is wholesome and down to earth.
    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Katy - Love to see the pics of your kids helping in the garden. I thought that we had a big garden but your mother-in-law's garden is HUGE! Wow!


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