Saturday, January 21, 2012


 On a very cold, snowy, wintry morning...a post title, like the one above, seems necessary! Just the word "warmth" gives a cozy, snuggled sort of feeling, doesn't it? How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Yesterday, I did some rearranging. I am pleased with how it turned out. It's just simple, really...but I still wanted to share it. :)  The first few photos show the corner of my dining room in the day...

And in the evening...

While I was busy cleaning...Xavier did some of his reading for school (not his favorite thing to do...but he did it yesterday *without* complaint!)...

After schooling, housework and lunch...we headed into my parent's garage because this sweetie-pie (my beautiful niece) came to town...

Have I told you that she turns **one** on Monday!? Oh my, how quickly the past year has gone by! I truly can't imagine what we all did before Eloise was part of our lives! I just can't imagine our family any other way!

In my mom's office, there were little pieces of paper from the paper-shredder on the floor. Eloise decided they needed to be picked up. She found an empty box and started cleaning up...a girl on a mission!

She enjoyed carrying her little box around too!

Auntie Katy kept taking pictures *of* and giggling *at* the-super-cleaner-upper...and this was Eloise's reaction to it...

Eloise and *my* baby, Jaxson...

Madelyn holding El...

Eloise loves the dancing chicken...

She also loves this new puzzle Grammie brought...

Xavier, Eloise and Madelyn...

We had such a nice visit with my sister and Eloise. To our excitement, we get to see them tomorrow too! Since Monday is El's first birthday, they are celebrating with a small party at their home, tomorrow evening. It's such a treat to see Eloise twice in one week! Truly, watch THIS short little video of her and you will understand what a joy she is to be around!

This morning, I crocheted Eloise a pair of slippers! I can't wait to take them tomorrow! I hope they fit her well!

With all this snow outside and no plans to go day will be enjoyed here at home. I'll light candles, do housework, continue cleaning out/organizing the schoolroom, work on some knitting and maybe some reading too! With such cold temps....I am encouraged to do a bit of baking as well. We will see what the day holds! I hope you are staying warm (or for my friends who are in the midst of their summer, I hope you are staying cool!) today! Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting me here!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Oh how your house feels like a home, I love warm candle light, you have done a wonderful job. Your blog was is a great wake to our icy morning, you have a warm and wonderful day.

  2. Oh,I also wanted to say I love your background. I have a creamer with that it...

  3. Your niece is so cute. I love that look she gave you like enough already. Your children are growing so fast. You have a beautiful family and a very warm and inviting home.


  4. holy pics of eloise! lol... she's a goofy gal! is it just me or does the one slipper look smaller than the other? maybe it's just the angle. i'm sure she'll be thrilled to wear them.. although they won't match her outfit tomorrow! ;) this AM i said "lets put on your socks" and she sat down and held her leg out--now she'll get to do it with her "slippys". I think she gets smarter every day!!!

    1. I couldn't choose which to post...I have others that I *didn't* post too!!! :P

      And, although it looks different in the pics...the slippers are the same size! :)

  5. Love your home by candle light and baby Eloise is beautiful!

  6. Katy,

    Your home is full of warmth! Delightful!

    That Eloise! What a precious girl! And the slippers? Too cute!

    Have a wonderful birthday celebration!


  7. Eloise is just the cutest, and your daughter's smile must light up your whole state (What a cutie) My son was the same way with his school reading...he's now just starting to ask to read more then what required for his school day(he's in second grade now) But my daughter on the other hand has always loved to read and she's only in grade K but is at first grade reading level. It must be a boy thing.
    Thanks for sending some of your's needed today on this snow storm we're getting right now!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  8. beautiful Eloise ........ and the childrens

    have a good time

  9. Hmm, warmth! We ventured out this morning for a couple of errands and it is sooo cold! I am sitting under a blanket still trying to warm up.

    Those slippers are adorable! It seems like yesterday I was reading about Eloise's birth. My time flies! Have fun at her party. I saw the picture Devon posted of her invitations...cute!

    Enjoy your day!

  10. Thanks for sharing pictures of your cozy home. Eloise has grown so fast and those little slippers are the cutest! Always wonderful to spend this bit of time with you and family. It is cold here but I'm sure not as cold there! Have an inspiring weekend! Loretta

  11. Lovely post. I love your simple home. I always love to look at you pictures. I also love the slipper's you made. They are adorable. Warmth is a great word for me also. It has been nice but now its cold.

  12. Just lovely, I remember waiting with you last year for her to be born. It doesn't seem possible the time has passed so quickly. I love the little slippers! Blessings to your family, Katy!

  13. Hello Katy and thank you for remembering those of us who are in the midst of summer! It has been a wet summer for us and today is no exception. Yesterday my children were having fun on a home made downhill waterslide at a friend's home. It was pouring with rain but they didn't mind!
    Those are such cute slippers!

  14. In No. Cal we are wet, wet, wet. Thank you Lord! Eloise is just way too cute. Happy day to you!

  15. Oh She is just too cute! - How gorgeous are those slippers! It has been just the perfect summers say here today = lovely! Blessing to you and yours, Corinne


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