Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baking, Chores, Schooling & Skyping...

Our days have been continuing on...still mild outside (cold enough to keep the wood stove going...but not cold enough for snow) for this time in January (compared to other years). The children and I spend our days schooling, baking, doing chores around the house (the chore chart I posted about HERE is working really well!) and also enjoying free time. Most often you will find me with either my Bible or knitting in hand during that *free* time. The children enjoy reading, playing games, coloring and on nicer days ~ playing outside!

Our hens have been laying for us...each and every one of them isn't laying every day...but we are consistently getting some eggs (which is better than nothing! ;) We're not sure exactly *why* these girls took longer than our last set of chickens to start laying eggs...but hopefully when spring/summer arrives again....they will be laying in *full* swing! :)

Xavier finishing up some schoolwork the other day...

Madelyn ~ coloring...

Jaxson ~ diving into a *Highlights* magazine (my children love the Timbertoes comics in them)...

Mad and Jax, playing a game together...

Laundry keeps me busy...*daily*...

The basketball court, basically in our backyard, that belongs to our neighbors (who most generously permit and kindly even encourage us to use it) even has lights! The children enjoyed riding their bikes around for a bit one night...

Today, my sister called us and suggested we tried to Skype. I have heard of this before...but never tried it. We both signed up and in no time at all, we had video up...but we both had some trouble trying to make our microphones and speakers on the right settings...finally, though, we were able to get everything set up correctly. We had a lot of fun chatting back and forth, for a bit, with my sister and Eloise!

After Chris got home from work, we Skyped (is that the right word?) again so that he could see the Squeezle! He enjoyed it too! Such a neat invention that is! We chit-chatted for a bit and then said our good-byes so we could have some supper.

Chris hasn't been feeling well the past few he missed his first men's bible study with some good friends of ours tonight. He was bummed but thought it was best if he just stayed home and rested for the evening. I'm disappointed *for* him as I know he was looking forward to going...but at the same time, I love having him home with me, so I am glad he is here with us too.

I need to get the supper dishes washed and cleaned up and get ready for bed. I am battling a bit of a cold (which seems to be worse in the morning and at night) and haven't been sleeping too I am definitely looking forward to heading to sleep soon!
Thank you for visiting. I truly appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Nice to see your family enjoying your daily rituals.

  2. Your rolls look wonderful! Can you send me your recipe? Your days look nice and calm!


  3. The skyping thing is new to me but sounds fun. Something that would be nice to be closer to my grands. Hope your all better soon. My hens were late to start laying. The number of eggs has decresed with the cold. My rooster I fear has frostbitten - frostburnt wattles & comb. I have questioned this in my last post. Have you ever experienced this in any of your flocks. Blessings!

  4. Hi Katy,
    It's funny isn't it, we are having a really mild summer here on the south east coast of Australia and your season is very mild as well with very little snow. I guess some years are like that. Sorry to hear some of you are off colour, I hope you are both feeling better real soon.
    And yes, those rolls look so good.
    Blessings Gail

  5. Isn't skype wonderful! We use it to talk to my family over 1,000 miles away, so they can see our little girls.

    We learned, while keeping chickens a few years ago, that they need a certain number of hours of light to produce an egg, the reason they lay less often in the winter. Sometimes, keeping a light on in their coop to stretch the hours of light they get, can help boost egg production.

    I love your peaceful posts!

  6. Love your posts about daily life and as always, the pictures. :)
    Sorry you're feeling under the weather. Try sipping on cups of ginger, lemon and honey tea throughout the day. Sounds like it might be good for Chris, too, as it's warming, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and can help calm nausea and a sore throat plus so many other things. It's one of the first things I make when cold or flu symptoms start.
    Hope your day is restful and I hope you both start feeling better soon.

  7. Katy,,,hope you are all feeling better. Please tell your sister that her dear baby is in my prayers. I tried to comment on her page a few times but it just sent me to a blank page. Thanks for telling her,Mel

  8. Katy we hope you and Chris feel better soon. That old nasty cold and stomach flu bug is going around in our town. One school closed down because over half of the students were sick in a town above us. Take good care and chicken soup really helps! Hugs xoxox


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