Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving Thanks for Jaxson

 We celebrated Jaxson's 6th birthday this weekend! First, on Friday with my sister, Devon, and the Squeezle, at my dad's garage. Then again on Saturday evening at Chris's parents' meat market (since we are all so busy with the venison coming in to process (skin, cut, wrap)'s easier to have his party where everyone already *is*).

Since Devon lives further away and couldn't be at the birthday celebration on Saturday evening, she came the day before, bringing cupcakes and gifts for my little guy! Uncle Cory had to be at work, so he couldn't be there but he was missed! The Squeezle was there ~ full of her sweet-melt-your-heart smiles!

My Madelyn with Eloise....

To spend as much time with my sister and Eloise as possible, while they were in town, we met with them of the beautiful things of homeschooling is that you can take your work with you!!!

I know some of my photos end up blurry...but I still had to share this one of Eloise! I love that look of sheer happiness and joy she has!

Aunt Nen came with gifts! Jaxson was so excited! He loves VWs (and boy just loves keys too!). All the gifts from Uncle Cory, Aunt Nen and Eloise were VW-themed!

Jax and his new VW bus necklace...

Aunt Nen even made him custom t-shirts!

Look at this hoodie of Eloise's. Isn't it great? It wasn't knit by me...but by a lady from their church. It has a zipper down the back of it! I just love it and hope to find a pattern like it to try!

Eloise hadn't napped the whole day, really, and was extremely tired. After some mama-milk, she was out like a light! How sweet is this? She stayed asleep as Devon buckled her into her car seat and everything!

We were so glad they could meet with us and celebrate Jaxson's six beautiful years of life!

Saturday, Jaxson's birthday, Chris and X went hunting in the morning... Jaxson, Madelyn and I made some big-fluffy waffles for breakfast and spent the day together!

Madelyn and Jax spent time drawing fish...

Reading books...

Making cupcakes...

The chocolate icing we made was really delicious! You can find the recipe HERE if you are interested in trying it!

 Saturday night, we took the cupcakes down to the meat market where members of Chris' family were...

This turtle, below, (a gift from my parents) is a favorite of all three of the children! It shines stars and a moon all over the ceiling and walls in a dark room! That night, Madelyn and Xavier slept on the floor of Jax's room so they could all enjoy *sleeping under the stars*!

We are so thankful for the gift of Jaxson. I can't imagine these past 6 years without him in them! Children are such a beautiful blessing from God. I find myself, often, just watching my children...thinking of who they will grow to be, reminiscing the past and enjoying them in the present. It is my prayer that they each live for Christ...for His glory...every day of their lives. Chris and I are prayerfully trying to train them up in the way they should go (a daunting but blessed responsibility!).

The children and I are moving slowly this morning. It's cloudy and gray outside. The woodstove is keeping our house toasty-warm and comfy. We just finished a breakfast of warm, homemade buttermilk biscuits. We need to get started on our schooling and chores. :) Thank-you for stopping by and sharing in Jaxson's birthday memories with me. I hope you enjoy your Monday!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Happy Birthday Jaxson! Looks like you made some lovely family memories! xx

  2. Birthdays with family are so special!

  3. happy birthday to jax! i wish i could've had a cupcake... they look yummy! :)

  4. Love how you guys make ordinary life so very special! Your children will grow up feeling loved for who they are....what a beautiful gift!

  5. Happy Birthday Jaxson!
    All your kids are just growing so much, I can tell from the pictures, including your sweet niece! Hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you for sharing your lives!


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