Friday, December 9, 2011

December Happenings...

December has been flying by quickly...each day we move the black circle on the calendar (and notice, it's already been three days since I took the photo above!). It's true that we all have the same 24 hours in a day...but some of those hours fly by quicker than others! I still have a hard time realizing that I am the mother of a 10 year old, 8 year old, and a 6 year old! The days of holding and snuggling my babies are still fresh in my mind. It seems hardly possible that those are just distant memories now! I also feel as though I have finally just gotten used to writing the year 2011...and soon, I will have to start writing 2012!

Earlier this week, the children made themselves crowns and were enjoying being *royalty* for the day. May I present to you...Queen Madelyn, Prince Xavier (the jester of the bunch) and Prince Jaxson...

**Isn't Madelyn's jumper beautiful (although in need of a good ironing)? I got it for a wonderful price from THIS etsy shop! These girls are so sweet...they also have a blog you can check out HERE! :)

Missing the other recliner we had taken out of the living room (that I posted about HERE), I called Chris and asked his permission (which he does not demand...but I do out of love and respect) to move some furniture around and with his consent, I brought the recliner back in (it also's so nice to *rock*)...and moved the couch out and put the new chair in it's place. It leaves so much more room in the living room!

Madelyn enjoyed the change and sat in the chair reading Black Beauty...

The Queen on her *throne*... ;)

After some moving-things-around, we moved the couch into the schoolroom. It creates a wonderful place to sit and read. X even wanted to do some of his schoolwork out there. :)

 Below is the matching bookshelf to the one in the living room (hand-me-downs from my aunt!). It gives another great place to hold our over-flow of books!

Yesterday, I didn't schedule any schooling. We drove an hour to my sister's where we jumped in with her and my mom, who was driving separately. Then we traveled another hour up-over-and-away to a restaurant to meet and have lunch with my grammie, aunts and cousins from my mom's side of the family!  My sweet Madelyn...

We got home around 5 and after relaxing for a bit at home, the children and I then headed to the meat market to help with the deer processing. Poor X was suffering from a headache so after we finished up there, we hurried home so he could get to bed. He seems to be doing better this morning. :)

Today, although cloudy outside, I can still see the sun, brightly shining. We will tackle schooling, chores around the house and grocery shopping (which I usually do on Wed. but I wasn't feeling well this past shopping day). This afternoon I am going to be baking bread/rolls and a lasagna to take down to the meat market for supper for everyone. :o) A full day, to be sure.

 I hope your day is full...each and every moment filled with bringing glory to God through the tasks you are accomplishing. Giving thanks, thanking Him for each moment and provision He supplies. He is so good...perfect in all He does.

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Lovely post, the creativity of your children is a joy to see!

  2. The jumper is cute. My kids also played dress up last night. I love the chair. I have had to move soem things around for my Christmas tree and I love it now, but don't how to make it work once the tree is down. Blessings.

  3. I just love rearranging our home and making it more workable and cozy for us all.


  4. Katy~ Love your new chair and the new look of the living room. Your kids are just so cute looking, love to see all the pictures you post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. We loved seeing the picture of your daughter wearing the jumper :D

    I love rearranging, too! My sister and I do it every year to our room around Christmastime :)

  6. Katie, I love this post..and wow..I've missed you! Your music is so nice and the photos and your thoughts always leave me feeling blessed and rested.

    I haven't been posting for a while...but I've found myself having time again this month.

    Funny..the furniture in our small livingroom is dwindling too. We just need space! With three teenagers (almost adult) plus their friends visiting, there's hardly room for all the six foot bodies.

    (Bet you didn't know how big all your cuties are going to be someday. Talk about taking up space! LOL!)

    They have grown so much since I last saw them! I love your header by the way.

    Just thought I'd drop by and THANK you for having me on your blogroll. I've been so blessed by visitors coming over from you. I'm honored that you keep me there.


  7. Katy, I made a special 'plug' for your website today on facebook today. I just feel like my readers would so enjoy a visit to your blog.


  8. looks like wonderful days! It's always tricky finding storage space for all those books isn't it!?! Have a great Sunday!


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