Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Oh, hello. Am I glad to see you...

...It's more friendly with two...."
 ~Winnie the Pooh

The days are getting shorter. October is in full swing, here in Western PA. The wind is quite blustery and cold...which I don't mind so much (as it gets the clothes on the line dry quickly!) except for the fact that it is blowing all the leaves off the beautifully-colored trees. My children don't mind though...the more leaves on the ground means there are plenty to be raked up and jumped in!

Inside, things are snug and cozy! The outdoor wood stove keeps things heated while the candles and oil lamps create an atmosphere to be enjoyed. The children bundle up and run out doors to play after our schoolwork is finished for the day. Here are some photos from around here at home...

Xavier, doing some schoolwork...

Madelyn reading to Jaxson...

Breakfast-for-supper (I bake my bacon in the oven...I don't fry it!)...

Making applesauce...

Books and schoolbooks...

A watercolor print I purchased a while ago on etsy (which you can find HERE, although I only paid $6 for my print!). I just love those chickens!!!

Below is a gift I received from my friend, Amy, quite some time ago. It's still hanging in my dining room. I am really fond of it. :)


The wee-ones, Pearl and Polly (don't they just warm your heart?)...

The girls...who I am *quite* frustrated with right now...

We have raised these chickens from peeps. They *should* be laying eggs by now (my mom and others ordered the peeps in bulk with us...and theirs are laying)...but ours are *not*. We have looked to see if they are laying somewhere else in the chicken run, but to no avail. They get plenty of food and I am not sure what the trouble is. We had no problems with the last group of chickens that we I am not sure why these gals are not laying.

And new, in my shop, you will find a newborn baby pod! It's a sleep sack and hat! I am working on another one now (although the one I am knitting presently is green and will *look* like a pea pod when I am finished!). It stretches wonderfully and keeps the baby snug, warm and comforted. :)

Thank you for visiting me today. The words and pictures I have shared today are nothing overly-exciting...but just a snippet of my simple life. I hope your *to-day* is absolutely wonderful! Smile a lot (even if you don't necessarily feel like it) truly improves the day!!! 

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
  1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Katy,
    That is what I love about your blog, the simple life told through stories! When I get into the "poor Me" attitude, then come here, I remember why I am doing what I am doing.... BECAUSE JESUS CALLED ME TO THIS HOMEMAKING LIFE AND I DO LOVE IT.LOL YOur blog brings peace and comfort to me and encourages me.
    Thank you for taking the time.
    Teresa in Ohio

  2. The newborn baby pod is so-o cute! Do you ever make them out of 100% cotton yarn?

  3. I imagine your home smelled wonderful when you made applesause. Home really is one of the greatest places on earth!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Katy, I'm a bacon baker too! I can't stand the mess it creates to do it on the stovetop. Anyway, your posts bless me every single day. Honestly, of the few blogs I look at each day, yours is the first one I check. I need me my "Country Blossom fix" right off the bat! Thank you for sharing your life and your faith with us...even when you get naysayers.

    Your sister in the Lord,

    Kelly in MN

  5. Hi Katy,

    Save that bacon grease and mix with bird seed and a few other ingredients (you would have to google the recipe) and make bird seed cookies to give as Christmas gifts, the birds just love them.

    Anyways, I had another question about homeschooling. Would your children participate in afternoon school activities such as football, baseball, scouts, or soccer with your local school district? And, if your child shows an interest in a musical instrument, how would you handle that course?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


  6. Such a nic story told...thank you for sharing it, your home and day...I really enjoyed the moments there. Love you, Loretta

  7. Good Morning, I have question about Homeschooling ( that is if you have a moment, I know you are very busy)...How do you deal with all of the "questions" that come along with removing your children from school? We are kindly explaining that it was the "best" thing for our kids, and then just try to move on...But that doesn't seem to do, and our "friends" that are the most critical are " Our Christian Friends". Thank You in advance:)))

    I Hope You and Your Family Have a Blessed Day;)

  8. Thank you for sharing your days, I love the photos. Your home is beautiful too.. I am in love with country decor ;}

    I love the simple things about my days and I think its so important to encourage that there is beauty in everyday especially when you are a keeper of the home and homeschooling mother~!

    Hoping to make applesauce soon too!

    Sarah beth

  9. thank you for sharing your days, I love the photos. Your home is beautiful too.. I am in love with country decor ;}

    I love the simple things about my days and I think its so important to encourage that there is beauty in everyday especially when you are a keeper of the home and homeschooling mother~!

    Hoping to make applesauce soon too!

    Sarah beth

  10. You asked if I thought cotton yarn was a good idea for the baby pods because of the possiblity of it shrinking. I don't know....I just like to use all natural fibers as much as possible and cotton is so soft for a baby!

  11. What a wonderful heart warming post Katy. It makes my heart happy to see you settled so wonderfully into your roll as your childrens teacher and wonderful homemaker. I know there are challenging days but you are doing a fantastic job!!!:0) God Bless my friend!<3

  12. Sandy,
    What a great idea about the bacon grease! Thank you for sharing that!! :) About your question about this point, I am just not sure. At this point, I would say I won't have them in locker rooms are dangerous places! ;) Also, I feel that too much sports interaction keeps families away from each other too much...With the practices, fund-raising, games etc...I would like to keep our family meal table a special time...and not let things come in the way of that. Chris and I were both involved athletically when we were in at this point, nothing is set in stone. I *do* know that even homeschoolers are legally allowed to participate in sports in their district, in case you meant the question more in a general sense! ;)
    If my children are interested in music...we may look into lessons...but many are expensive. I am not sure at the moment. Right now, they work at their learning and enjoy being children!

  13. Sandy,

    I also want to add that we are aiming for a more simple life...we desire our children to learn hard work and have fun...both things they can do here at home. I don't think sports are *bad*...but I do feel sometimes people are so busy running *here, there and everywhere* that they truly miss out on real *time* with each other! :o)

  14. Lisa,

    I can relate to your feelings. When I first suggested we were going to homeschool 4 years parents and Chris' family too, I think, all thought we were nuts. Now, my parents are *thankful* that we are homeschooling and I hope Chris' parents are too (they never express one way or the other!).
    I am confidant about how we are raising our children and the choices we have made. We feel we have obeyed God's calling to us, as parents. People often ask me "What about socialization?" always makes me cringe when I hear that...because I have heard it soo much. My children are very well socialized...with adults and children (not just with a majority of children...where they begin mimicking undesirable characteristics).

    So, I said all that to say this:
    Be confidant when you kind and gentle...but *know* you ARE doing what is best for your children. Smile and if they ask you *why* you are educating at home, use it as a time to share with them what you feel God calls us to do biblically. :) Share with them your honest. You never know who you may convince to do the same! :)
    I won't send my kids to a school that has taken God out, for 6-8 hrs a day. I can give them a better, Christian curriculum, here at home. I can also give them more individual attention than a teacher can give to 20 students in a classroom. My children focus and finish their schooling in wonderful time..and then spend much of the day doing physical activity...running, playing, riding bikes etc.(great exercise!). They also help with chores and other things around the home..which is more for their learning experience. Us being together more enables our family to grow stronger rather than tear it apart.

    (Those are just a *few* of our reasons I thought I would share..maybe some of yours are similar. If someone asks you and you lovingly explain your point of view...they will either respect you enough and drop it or think you are crazy....either ARE doing the right thing!:)


  15. Wonderfilled day!

    The kids , two and four legged, are adorable. And Jax looks like his head might explode with concentration on his studies!

    What a giving big sister to read to brother.

    Thanks for the lovely visit.

  16. I always love the pictures you post, but I think esp. of your dining room and your children. Thank you for sharing your days! The little pod is just fabulous!

  17. Thanks for the reminder to smile! :-)
    It looks like you are having a good fall.

  18. hello, I love your calendar! and photos, I put the same music as you on my blog, it inspires me the serenity thank you to wish you a good day for you and all those you love marylin de France

  19. Your home looks so warm and inviting. And your food looks so yummy! Love the print too.

    xox Linda

  20. awww love the little new animals so much adorable they are..
    hope the chicken start laying soon..


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