Monday, October 24, 2011

~Knitting Projects~

This is a cardigan that I knit a while back...when I first began knitting! It's the first cardigan/sweater I ever made! I have had it all this time...and now, I think it will be quite perfect for Eloise to wear! It should fit her perfectly (I hope!). (By the way, if you click on Eloise's name, above, it will take you to my sister's blog. She has a new header that is simply adorable!)

I have also been working on some other knitting projects. Here is a cabled bag that I am knitting, in the round...

The photo below shows a better look at the actual cables. This should turn out to be a beautiful bag...which I will have for sale in my shop, hopefully soon!

Another cable knitting project I am working on...

Truly, knitting cables is *not* difficult and adds so much to your projects! If you are a knitter and haven't tried cabling before, I encourage you to try it! You can find a how-to video HERE.

My latest knitting *finish* (just finished this morning, actually) is this preemie baby pod - sleep sack! It is meant to look just like a pea pod! 

Here is a closer look at the hat. It has some twirly vines on it, too! If you (or someone you know) may be interested in this can find it HERE in my shop! :o)

The weekend kept us busy...with Chris getting loads (and loads) of firewood for the wood stove, and me keeping busy with housework and knitting projects. Saturday afternoon, I helped my Mother-in-Love wrap deer meat (at the meat market) and then, Madelyn and I were able to get out for a couple hours and do a little shopping. One thing I found was this rug (at a decent price) for in the kitchen...

Sunday was just beautiful. Blue skies and sunshine were such a mood-lifter after previous days of clouds and rain. After a lovely time at church worshipping the Lord Jesus and fellowshipping with friends, we came home for lunch and a rest. Since we don't have television programming (except for Netflix), Chris and the children went to his brother's house to watch some football for the evening. I chose to stay home, light some candles and continue working on my knitting!

I lit this candle not long after everyone left...

...and here it is (below), still glowing as they returned home. Candles lit in the day are pretty...but when they are glowing at stirs in me feelings of cozy warmth and comfort.

Well, there is no time to continue to dawdle here...I must begin the day's work...we have schoolwork and housework to attend to! If you have any projects you are working on, I would love to hear about them!! :) 
Thank you for visiting me!

Katy :)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Katy ~

    Your knitting is beautiful!

    Heather from Illinois :)

  2. Good morning Katy!

    Very cute "pea pod," and I really like the colors of the sweater. Bet the colors will bring out Eloise's beautiful eyes. (:

    Our boys are in the "hunting and gathering" mode... very excited for deer season! As a child / teenager, my Dad kept our freezer full of fish and whatever game was in season. The garage was a mini meat market. (: Fortunately my Mom is an excellent cook. I'm not in the habit of cooking the "wild" stuff, but I'm getting there.(; Do you like venison?

    Smiles & well wishes sent your way!


  3. Your knitting projects are beautiful:) My mom is *trying* to teach me how to knit, she has the patiences of a saint. Have a Blessed Day:)

    Also "Thank you" for answering my *questions* in your previous post:)

  4. love the pea pod!!! turned out great!

    i need a rug like that for my kitchen!!

  5. I love the sweater and the preemie pea pod! Adorable!
    Today is my day to catch up on housework. The kids are at school and my husband's at work---I've almost finished the laundry, got the dishes done and getting ready to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. I'm getting ready to start baking bread, then off to vacuum and straighten up the living room. I may get a few more things done before I pick up the kids, then hopefully relax a bit before starting on dinner.
    There's ALWAYS plenty to be done around here every day, but it sure feels good to sit down at the end of the day and see a clean, organized home. :)

  6. Good Monday morning Katy, I love your knitting. I spent a little time here today watching the video and visiting your sister's blog. I'm going back when I have a little more time. I hope she will visit us too.
    I love love candle light and use them a lot. Thanks for sharing your home and life with us. I really enjoy visiting. Have a good week! Hugs Loretta

  7. Eloise will look adorable in her
    new sweater..
    Have enjoyable week...

  8. As always a beautiful post...blessings on your week dear Katy.

  9. Your knitting is lovely. I am making myself a new hat to wear when taking my dog-to-be walking. We had to give up our last dear dog, Koda, and at about the same time I lost the hat I always wore when walking her. So I am, by faith, making a new hat, believing that we will find a sweet new dog for me to walk.

  10. Adorable sweater, Katy! :)

    I love lighting candles too. It creates such a cozy snug. And it makes the house smell wonderful!

    Hope you have a wonderful week! :


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  12. What a precious little cardigan. I know Eloise will love it.:) the pea pod is adorable. I love all of your projects. Your home looks so cozy with the candles.


  13. I love the sweater! It is beautiful! I was just about to ask if there was a book you recommended for knitting beginners when I read the link for the video. Thanks. I hope I can check it out sometimes soon.


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